With 30 years experience in document management and the delegated management of activity processes, DOCAPOST, subsidiary of the La Poste group, proposes the most comprehensive offer for managing the professional exchanges of companies and institutions with their specific public (customers, suppliers, administrations, citizens, internal public, etc.).


Digital contract


Simplify the nomad commercial procedure, reduce the operational risks and reduce the costs.


GMPA proposes different insurance offers suitable for service people, police officers and fire fighters and their families. Now, thanks to the DOCAPOSTE solution, it is possible subscribe on tablet in barracks.


The advisor instructs the dossier on the Ipad.

The prospect rereads his contract on the screen and signs your contract using a stylus directly on the tablet.

The handwritten signature is reported on the document, time-stamped electronic signatures are generated in the name of the prospective customer, GMPA and DOCAPOSTE; A proof file is constituted.

The contract is archived for 10 years in a probative archiving space.

The contract is sent to the Information System GMPA for internal treatment.

After validation GMPA sends the final contract to the customer..

Customer advantages

Reduction of direct costs (paper, dispatch) and indirect costs (back office processing), reduction of deadlines for GMPA and for the final customer, modern image, simplicity for the final customer...

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