Our ability to innovate is a powerful driver for transformation and performance.

Innovation at Docaposte

At Docaposte, our capacity for innovation is based first and foremost on the expertise of our employees (UX / UI designers, developers, engineers, architects…), our technological know-how and our solid ecosystem (institutional and industrial partners, start-ups…). A pioneer in digital solutions and useage,
Docaposte is committed to projects that promote ethical, responsible and humanistic digital technology.
At Docaposte, innovation can be incremental, generating new opportunities, or disruptive, accompanied by active monitoring of new technologies.

Technologies are a driver for innovation at Docaposte: blockchain, quantum computing and artificial intelligence enable us to continuously improve the value of our solutions and our productivity, to effectively meet the challenges of our customers and, in turn, their customers.

Our ambition: to innovate to offer ever more efficient, useful and accessible services and solutions.


Putting people first

Innovation is an integral part of Docaposte’s corporate culture. As an important driver for transformation and performance, both internally for our employees and for our customers and partners, innovation enables us to embody our values, in harmony with the commitments made by our parent company:

  • trust
  • solidity
  • inclusion
  • general interest

Innovation Culture

Innovation is part of our corporate culture, combining technological power with human value.

Innovation Culture

Projects driving innovation

Discover our cutting-edge and operational research projects.

Our projects

The innovation ecosystem

We believe in a European ecosystem to promote and develop digital trust.

Our ecosystem

Our innovative projects

  • Machine learning

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Quantum computing

  • Documentary Blockchain

Innovation at Docaposte in key figures

  • 450

    Data/AI experts

  • 3 500

    IT experts

  • More than 1 000

    developers in all languages

  • 6

    AI competence centres in France

  • More than 300

    French-IOT, Impact x Technologie startups