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The guarantee of responsible and ethical digital technology

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Responsible digital trust

For more than 40 years, Docapost has believed in human intelligence to imagine and design digital technology to transform businesses, the public sector and society.

 In a society faced with the challenges of the digital revolution and its increasingly demanding regulatory framework, Docaposte is committed to responsible digital trust based on ethical values.

The guarantee of digital confidence

Tech & Trust represents the guarantee of innovative solutions supported by robust, state-of-the-art infrastructures, combining the best of technology and human expertise.

Docaposte is committed to being a leading player in digital trusted services.

Tech & Trust marks the ambition to contribute to French and European digital sovereignty through the solutions and infrastructures designed and operated by our teams.

Docaposte is committed to protecting its clients' most sensitive data in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, security and transparency in their use, in accordance with the requirements of its data charter and AI principles.

Tech & Trust illustrates all the designations, certifications and labels obtained. Docaposte is committed to delivering digital solutions that comply with applicable regulations at all times.

Being part of the La Poste Group strengthens our position in favour of responsible digital technologies to serve society. Docaposte is committed to developing ethical and accessible trusted solutions that are hosted in an environmentally responsible manner and integrated into the value chain of our clients and partners.

Tech & Trust is the signature of our commitment to trusted, ethical and responsible digital technology that helps simplify life.