Public Sector

We support the French state, social security branches, and actors in local government to accelerate their digital transformation

Transforming the sector

Today, the public sector, at all levels, needs to transform to respond to 4 main challenges:

  • Optimize public spending
  • Simplify and provide more flexibility to internal organization
  • Improve the quality of service provided to citizens
  • Contribute to digital inclusivity

Our commitment is to simplify the life of citizens and the work of civil servants with a complete offer of physical and digital solutions covering the entire digital trust chain.
We commit to rethinking public services and administration, supported by customized or off-the-shelf omnichannel dematerialization solutions and calling on all of Docaposte’s savoir-faire.

Docaposte supports the transformation of all public sector actors (State, ministries, operators, social housing providers, local authorities) with our innovative solutions that:

  • Improve internal efficiency
  • Increase the services you offer
  • Streamline the relation between the French administration and citizens at all levels
  • Equip each citizen with a digital key

Docaposte addresses all areas of public policy; education, housing, mobility, vocational training, national security, social welfare and waste management.

Consulting and support

We support transformation in the public sector for reorganization, adapting to new regulations or integration of digital processes to better respond to citizens’ demands, by adopting best practices based on our strong expertise in transformation.

  • Optimize public sector management
  • Optimize citizen / client relations

Consulting and support

Public Sector management

We optimize internal processes of local and national public operators with robust and proven, digital and physical solutions, ensuring cost management and a high quality of service.

  • Consulting and services
  • Trust services
  • General Resources
  • Human Resources

Public sector

Citizen Experience

We improve the management of citizen relations by offering digital and physical solutions to local and national public operators to deliver local services assisted by digital tools.

  • Consulting and services
  • Software and digital platforms
  • Outsourcing
  • Digital key

Citizen experience

Digital education

Accelerating the transformation of teaching, from nursery school to vocational training, whilst guaranteeing responsible and sovereign digital solutions.

  • School admin software
  • Management of benefits and subsidies
  • Customized platforms
  • Child/Family software

Digital education

Digital TTP for the Public Sector

  • Consulting and services

  • Trusted solutions

  • Design and operation of platforms

  • Delegated management of public policies

The Public Sector in figures

  • 195 million

    euros turnover in 2021

  • 15,000

    active clients

  • 19 million

    user accounts

  • 20

    €1M projects