With 30 years experience in document management and the delegated management of activity processes, DOCAPOST, subsidiary of the La Poste group, proposes the most comprehensive offer for managing the professional exchanges of companies and institutions with their specific public (customers, suppliers, administrations, citizens, internal public, etc.).


Digital subscription


Supply clients with a smooth user experience and the state of the art in the digital field.


This is a long-term project that aims to gradually 'Digitalise' all the existing paths (over 200 in all).

A first implementation phase began from January 2015 on the deployment of new digital paths on the IARD and Vie scopes:

• IARD: house insurance (MRH), legal protection (PJ), life accident guarantee (GAV), auto amendment.

• Life: life policy repurchase.

DOCAPOSTE developed the entire 'Life insurance policy repurchase' path. Also the customer path is made smoother and can significantly increase the conversion rate.

Customer advantages

Considerably reduce the deadline and cost of some sales processes.

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