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As the leading health data operator in France (HDS certified), trusted third party, and sovereign cloud operator, Docaposte has made it a priority to safeguard data, processes and exchanges, for insurers' transformation projects.

Why choose Docaposte

Docaposte is eIDAS certified for its complete range of digital trust services and offers a unique set of solutions and services to digitalize and optimize customer relations.

In addition to providing service components as a software company, Docaposte also designs and operates digital platforms as an integrator. We cover all digitalization needs for client relations in the insurance sector.

Trust solutions for your digital transformation

The solutions designed and developed by Docaposte guarantee an elevated level of trust throughout the client journey, including remotely: client onboarding, subscription, insurance claims...

  • Identification and Authentication

    As the leading French identification authority, Docaposte offers a complete range of remote identification verification solutions
    • Electronic signature

      As the French market leader, Docaposte simplifies insuree and beneficiary jounreys with electronic signatures. Our eIDAS compliant range of solutions suits all use cases whilst making processes more reliable
      • Electronic archiving

        Docaposte proposes B2B and B2B2C solutions, guaranteeing secure, long-term storage of evidence exchange and associated documents
        • Electronic registered mail

          Confronted with a rise in infra-annual cancellations, Docaposte offers an eIDAS qualified solution (legally equivalent to paper registered mail) for efficient and secure processing

          Docaposte, a platform developer and operator

          With our tools, you can rapidly and securely implement services for your clients and partners:

          • Secure infrastructure (Legacy or Cloud)
          • Interoperable trust components
          • Service manager (BPM or business process management) and
          • Client portal connectors

          Services to optimize your core functions

          • ADR/OCR

            For over 30 years, Docaposte has been developing ADR applications for automatic reading and recognition of documents as well as the automation of their processing
            • HR range

              Docaposte offers a range of solutions to simplify the employee experience and to reduce the daily workload of your HR teams
              • Invoicing

                Docaposte has developed a range of solutions for Finance departments to automate the management of client and vendor accounts through digitalization
                • Electronic vote

                  Docaposte offers a range of solutions addressing AGM, membership organizations and Works Council or BSC elections

                  Maximizing the customer experience

                  Our platform supports the simplification and streamlining of the relation with your policyholders in compliance with regulations (GDPR, IDD, HDS...).

                  The advantages of our digital platform:

                  1. Accelerate, secure and guarantee exchanges in a B2B or B2B2C ecoystem: insurer, distributor, regulator, expert, insuree...
                  2. Position yourself as an intermediary and TTP for all stakeholders involved
                  3. Optimize your business processes with data capture, data processing, distribution and storage according to business rules and regulatory constraints 
                  4. Facilitate the development of new high-added-value services 

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