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eIDAS Online Registered Letter

Through its subsidiary AR24, Docaposte offers the no.1 service in France for eIDAS qualified electronic registered mail services.

Holding the same legal value as a paper registered mail (Article L.100 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code), the ORL has probative value in the event of dispute.

The advantage of a 100% electronic registered letter is its accessibility : a unique remote identity verification service that allows its recipients to acknowledge receipt 24/7 on their smartphone or computer.

The sender receives proof of postage and sending (delivery notifcation) immediately after sending the registered mail.Proof is then provided as specific actions are taken by the recipient (acknowledgment of receipt, refusal or negligence). The registered mail is traced end-to-end and its contents are stored for 10 years, carrying an additional value compared to paper mail.

ORL: How it works

  • Authenticate using a secure method
  • Enter the recipients and attach documents to send
  • AR24 timestamps the mail and the included attachments and then notifies the recipient(s)
  • Receive proof at every step ( immediate proof of deposit and sending, acknowledgment of receipt, refusal or negligance according to to the actions of the recipient)
  • The recipient is notified 4 times during a period of 15 days to maximize the mail opening rate
  • Storage in France of your proofs and mail (including attachments) for 10 years

Use qualified ORL from a range of platforms and increase efficiency

  • From the ar24.fr website: directly in SaaS mode, you can connect to your online client space to send your registered mail, to manage your recipient list, to store and file proofs associated to your mail.
  • From Maileva: also in SaaS mode, you can connect to your client space to send your registered mail. The Maileva platform has the additional advantage of being able to access other services to manage business exchanges such as e-invoices or payslips
  • With an API: integrate our API in your business applications to quickly and easily access sending registered electronic mail for you and your employees

Legal value

AR24, a trusted service provider, was certified by the ANSSI in April 2020 ( renewed every 2 years)

AR24 Online Registered Letters (ORL) hold the same legal value as a signed-for registered letters according to Article L.100 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code. Therefore in case of dispute, ORL holds the same probative value before a judge and offers all necessary protection to the sender.

Furthermore, ORL carries proof of content as sent mail is conserved for 10 years (including proofs and content).

Online Registered Letters comply to eIDAS European regulations which aim to increase confidence in electronic transactions in the European market.

Other products in ORL

  • La Poste's Digital Identity service

    During the acknowledgement of reciept, 3 choices are given to the recipient of the electronic registered mail to authenticate their identities:
    • Using an eID such as an RGS key (Certinomis certificate) or an OTP code
    • Using AR24's unique remote identity verification
    • Using La Poste's Digital Identity service (allowing for acknowledgement of receipts to be processed in no time - a great advantage for recipients)
  • Digiposte

    AR24 stores all of the sent ORLs, associated proof and attachments for 10 years (for both you the sender and the recipient to access by creating a free account on ar24.fr).
    • For greater comfort for the recipient, AR24 offers Digiposte, a trusted La Poste Group service
    • In one simple click, the recipient can also put their received mail in their digital Digiposte safe

Advantages of ORL

  • Strict legal equivalence to a signed-for registered letter

  • Instant proof of sending and delivery

  • Proof of postage and immediate delivery (delivery notifcations)

  • Single rate tariffs without additional charges whatever the size of the document

  • Content and tracking of online registered mails available 24/7

  • Remote recipient identification facilitated by our unique identity check services

  • Stored for 10 years(ORL, attachments, proof)

Other products in our registered mail range

Compare registered mail services

  • Paper registered mail

    • Send your registered mail 100% electronically (ORL)
    • The recipient's consent is not necessary
    • The sender is mentioned on the proof of postage
    • Recipient identity checks by the postman
    • Immediate dematerialized proof of postage and delivery and paper proof of receipt
    • Proof not stored
    • Rates dependent on number of pages

    • Send your registered mail 100% electronically (ORL)
    • The recipient's consent is compulsory
    • High-level sender identity checks
    • HIgh-level recipient identity checks
    • Immediate dematerialized proofs
    • Proofs, mail and attachments stored for 10 years
    • Flat rates without additional charges
  • Simple online mail sending

    • Send mail with tracking where the law does not require the sending of a registered letter with acknolwledgement of receipt
    • The recipient's consent is requested before sending for more security
    • The sender is not mentioned on the proof of postage
    • The recipient is mentioned on the proof of reception
    • Immediate dematerialized proofs
    • Proofs, mail and attachments stored for 10 years
    • Flat rate without additional costs
  • Optimal registered mail

    • Send a signed-for registered mail. Your recipient decides if they receive it in paper or electronic format
    • The recipient's consent is requested at sending (if it is consented, the mail is sent by ORL)
    • High-level sender identity checks
    • Electronic or by post is the recipient's choice
    • Immediate dematerialized proofs. If sent by post, the proof comes as a paper acknowledgement of receipt
    • Proof, mail and attachments stored for 10 years (if sent by post, proof is not stored)
    • The rate depends on your method of sending (electronic or paper)

Electronic notices for property co-ownership management companies

Electronic notices are an electronic process dedicated to property co-ownership management companies.

Conforming to the 2020-834 decree of 2 July 2020, it is only valid that for notice of general meetings, meeting minutes and formal notices. For this use, in case of dispute, it provides a probative value before a judge. 

Electronic notices have a flat rate (re-invoiced to the co-ownership company) and no attachment limits. It is sent immediately and the sender receives associated proofs by email (proof of postage and sending, acknowledgement of receipt, negligence).

The recipient can confirm receipt in 2 clicks, without needing to identify themselves.

Truly innovative, electronic notices replace registered notices for the co-ownership properties (for the 3 uses cited above) and greatly simplifies the regulated notices between the management and the co-owners.

Key figures

  • Number 1

    in France for Online Registered Letters

  • More than 5 million

    electronic registered letters distributed with AR24 in 2023

  • More than 130,000

    identity checks carried out each month

  • 22,000

    active customers

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