Human Resources

Human Resources

Digitalise the HR activity and contribute to the company's performance

HRDs are now expected to contribute and implement the company's strategy by taking up many challenges: attracting and managing talent, hiring employees, application of new regulations, analysis of HR data, social relations management, etc.
DOCAPOSTE HR digitalises your HR processes both for Employee Relations and Social Relations.

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Employee relations: optimise the career and improve employee experience

…to streamline the employee experience from their arrival to when they leave the company by optimising daily management of the associated activities (administration and consultation of employee folders, distribution of the payslip, signature of the work contract, management of HR requests, etc.). The satisfied employee is all the more committed and loyal to the company.

The digitalisation of your HR processes helps streamline relations with your employees. It:

  • automates procedures, from their arrival at to their departure from the company
  • improves the employee's experience

Discover our employee relations management solutions:

  • EMPLOYEE FOLDER: access the digitalised folders of your employees and find the document of an employee in a few clicks.
  • PAYSLIP: manage the multi-channel distribution of paper and electronic payslips.
  • DIGIPOSTE: offer your employees a digital vault to archive and consult their professional (work contract, payslips, etc.) and personal documents 24/7, freely and in complete security.
  • REQUEST MANAGEMENT: circulate and approve all types of documents, including the electronic signature of the work contract.
  • TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT MANAGEMENT: streamline your relations with temporary work agencies and recruit more rapidly to manage your excess activity.
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Social relations: boost social dialogue

… to boost dialogue with your employee representative bodies (organisation of elections, monitoring of delegation hours, making the Economic and Social Database available, etc.) and foster a climate of calmness in the company that is favourable to results.

We support you in simplifying the management of your social relations and in the correct application of standards and legislation. We ensure that your data is secure and reliable, as well as your exchanges.

Discover our social relations management solutions:

  • VOTE: simplify the organisation of your professional elections by selecting the most suitable voting method for your organisation: paper, electronic or hybrid voting.
  • SOCIAL RELATIONS: streamline your exchanges with the employee representative bodies:
    • communicate your election results and easily archive your original Cerfa reports
    • view your union representation in real time
    • archive the collective agreements in a few clicks
    • improve transparency and comply with regulations, by populating your Economic and Social Database and by making it available to your employee representative bodies
    • benefit from a simple monitoring of delegation hours carried out
    • automatically create your group committee*.

* reserved for companies with more than 5,000 employees, subject to the legal obligation to create a group committee.

To enable all these HR processes to be managed in a single interface, DOCAPOSTE has developed a collaborative modular platform in SaaS mode.

78 %

of respondents place the implementation of an HR information system as one of the priorities with a major expectation: have integrated and intuitive tools.

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Consulting and support in HR digitalisation

By digitising the management of your human resources, you optimise the human capital, create value and support the company's development strategy. Our DOCAPOSTE CONSEIL experts can support you throughout your HR digitalisation project. They will enable you to position yourself as a leader in digital transformation.