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Legislation makes it possible to do away with paper and use legally admissible, natively digital documents. Moreover, electronic documents are subject to the same retention periods as paper documents.

The real challenge is to ensure that they are kept in a way that guarantees their integrity for the duration of the legally required period.

Docaposte ensures that digital data is retained with integrity and on a long-term basis, regardless of whether your business is public or private. All companies are concerned by electronic archiving, which is the basis for the preservation of 100% digital processes.

What is digital archiving?

Digital archiving guarantees the long-term storage of documents and access to archives. It sustains the legal value of archived information, guaranteeing the longevity, authenticity and security of documents. Digital storage is essential for businesses in terms of legal, fiscal and financial security.

Complementary to our electronic document management (EDM) and digital safe services, our electronic archiving services (EAS) go well beyond simple storage and preserve the long-term enforceability of your archives.

What are the challenges of digital archiving?

Digital storage and archiving have become major issues in risk management within both private and public organisations and require specific infrastructure and expertise. 

It is therefore vital for organisations to choose a solution that both complies with current regulations and standards and is capable of rapidly integrating new regulatory and technological changes.

The probative value of a digital documents is based on characteristics such as time-stamping, integrity, accountability and traceability. It is therefore in the interests of businesses to work with TSPs, enabling them to meet all market requirements and standards, and to guarantee their end users legally admissible documents in the event of dispute.

Digital archiving in a few figures

  • 15.6 billion

    archives stored at the end of 2021

  • 850K

    archives consulted every day

  • 180M

    archives entrusted each month

  • 7.8K

    companies using our archiving services

  • 200

    specialised employees

  • + 12%

    staff dedicated to R&D

  • 70


  • 3

    international patents (SAE and electronic safe)

Why choose our electronic archiving solution?

  1. Compliance: Our digital solutions meet legal retention requirements
  2. Security: Operating in our own private storage areas, digital archiving eliminates the risk loss or destruction of documents
  3. Ease of use: with digital archiving, you can immediately find a document in all your digital files
  4. Integrity: this type of archiving guarantees that you will have evidence in the event of a dispute, proving that the file has never been altered

  • Probative value archiving

    Probative value archiving

  • Single conservation repository

    Single conservation repository

  • Most used Electronic Archiving services in France.

    Most used Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) in France.

  • HDS Hosting (Health Personal Data Hosting)

    HDS Hosting (Health Data Hosting)

  • Probative value archiving

    Probative value archiving

  • Single conservation repository

    Single conservation repository

  • Most used Electronic Archiving services in France.

    Most used Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) in France.

  • HDS Hosting (Health Personal Data Hosting)

    HDS Hosting (Health Data Hosting)

Docaposte's certifications towards digital archiving

  • NF 461* certified archiving with probatory value

    Docaposte has NF 461 "Electronic archiving system" certification. The EAS guarantees the integrity of documents over time and therefore preserves their probative value.
    • Control and validation at the time of deposit: conversion into formats that can be read over time to guarantee the archive's longevity
    • Construction of the archive: time-stamping, allocation of a Unique Archive Identifier (UAI), calculation of the print
    • Archive sealing and logging to ensure traceability of all events
    • Integrated preservation
    • Traceability of actions performed on documents in life cycle logs
  • NF 544** certified reliable scanning

    Docaposte is NF 544 certified for " Reliable digitisation of paper documents". The certified processing lines are located at its premises in Paris, Ballainvilliers and Louviers. Digitisation involves traceability throughout the chain, ensuring the formal accuracy of the digital copy.
    • Digitisation agreement
    • Documentary acquisition: preparation and digitisation
    • Checks for completeness, consistency, resolution, etc.
    • Creation of the digital copy
    • Enhancement of the metadata
    • Supplying certificates of digitisation

Remove the need for physical storage with a reliable copy      

Docaposte covers the entire Trust chain from accurate scanning to archiving with probative value, so that paper originals can be destroyed in compliance with the law.

We ensure that the digital copy has the same value as the paper original. The latter can be destroyed, even before the end of the legal retention period, if the digitisation complies with the required conditions, which simplifies risk management, crucial in both public and private sectors.

The reliable copy brings you multiple benefits:

  • 100% dematerialised process (destruction of paper originals)
  • Compliance with legal document storage obligations
  • Supplying evidence in the event of a dispute
  • Reduction of fixed costs and physical storage space
  • Elimination of the risk of loss or destruction of information
  • Centralization of information
  • Controlled access and sharing of information

An archiving solution certified as a "Personal Health Data Host"

Docaposte and its Arkhineo digital archiving solution are HDS (Health Data Hosting Service) certified. This certification is issued for a period of 3 years by the French Digital Health Agency. The range of this certification concerns the 6 levels of activities that cover the whole of Third party Maintenance Services: from the supply of data centres to the operation of IT applications.

As an HDS-certified provider, Docaposte and its Arkhineo solution guarantee stakeholders a high level of health data protection :

  • as a physical infrastructure host with data centres in France where the data is stored ;
  • as a hosting provider that stores personal data in a dematerialised manner.                                   

In addition, Docaposte's Okoro digital archiving solution has HDS accreditation (as part of the provision of a "third-party archiving solution with probative value").

Discover our complete offer

  • Dematerialise your employees' HR documents in complete security

    • Authenticity
    • Integrity
    • Sustainability
  • Ensure the longevity and enforceability of your documents with our EAS

    • SaaS solutions available in API or web portal
    • Hosted in our own data centres in France
    • Compliance requirements
  • Improve work and communication within your organisation

    • Multiple benefits for your corporate data
    • A trusted EDM, combining flexibility and security

Our complementary solutions

  • Incoming flow management (reliable copy)

    • Reliable scanning solution NF 544
    • Combined with archiving for legal purposes NF 461
    • Destruction of the paper original
  • Docaposte electronic archiving services ( EAS)

    • Secure, long-term preservation of documents with state-of-the-art EAS (NF 461)
    • Archiving of all types of documents
    • Probative value: legally admissible archives
    • Adaptability: two EAS offers to meet specific needs
    • Integration with your information systems
  • Trust level validation service for electronic documents

    An independent and autonomous service, available via portal or API, allowing to:
    • Define the trusted service providers
    • Define electronic signatures and seals according to the requirements upon the documents
    • Validate electronic signatures and/or seal and issue validation reports to integrate in evidence files

Our expert knows best!

"Docaposte is one of the few certified service providers on the market that offers a complete package covering all the needs of companies in terms of dematerialisation and secure archiving.”

Charles Du BOULLAY, Director of the Digital Archiving BU at Docaposte

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital archiving and storage

  • A digital archiving system is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that securely stores company documents in electronic format in a single space. These documents remain accessible at all times and maintain their integrity over time.

    A digital archiving system is a real working tool (not just a storage solution) as it offers numerous advantages (quick and secure access, legal retention period, etc.).

    Such a solution is available from digital archiving specialists, like Docaposte.

  • Digital archiving offers many advantages to businesses:

    • Reduction in costs and ecological footprint (less paper or printing expenses)
    • Decrease in physical space requirements
    • Restricted access to documents
    • No data loss
    • Time savings (by finding information more easily and quickly)
    • Compliance with legal retention obligations (depending on the types of documents)
    • Protection of business activities and documentary heritage (especially from ransomware)

    All these reasons have led many companies to start their digital transformation.

    • Electronic Archiving System (EAS): This is a solution for secure and compliant hosting of the company's digital documents. The EAS is essential in the event of a significant increase in paper document flow or digital transformation of the company.
    • Digital Safety Deposit Box: This is a solution for securely storing documents. Each document maintains its authenticity and integrity over time. Every employee has their own secure storage space with exclusive access.
  • Implementing digital archiving as part of a global digitization project of a company's internal documents involves several steps:

    1. Use of an online archiving system (such as EAS) for easy and secure document management.
    2. Identifying the company's appropriate contacts for each line of business, to build a project team around digital archiving.
    3. identifying the documents to be archived digitally. Each document may have a minimum retention period that needs to be considered.

    Docaposte, a leader in digital archiving with probative value in France, can assist in setting up your project.

  • Backup and archiving are two distinct processes.

    Backup involves copying and storing data at a specific moment in time to restore them in case of later damage or loss.

    On the other hand, archiving involves preserving digital data to ensure their longevity and authenticity. Additionally, it allows for their indexing for easy retrieval through an Electronic Archiving System (EAS).

    Legally or financially, digital archiving usually offers more guarantees compared to backup.

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