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You receive natively electronic documents issued by customers, suppliers, partners, etc.

How can you verify that these documents meet the requirements defined in the company’s trust policies ? 

Any question over the authenticity of a document received, or even a rejection of the document as evidence in the event of litigation, could have a very significant legal, operational and financial impact on company or public organizations. 

For this reason, trust policies are being implemented. These make it possible to set different levels of electronic signatures and/or seals for each incoming document.

However, not all co-workers are able to assess whether documents meet the requirements defined in the trust policies and if the signatures were valid at the time they were affixed. 

What is Validao ?

Validao is service for validating electronic signatures and seals that can be configured according to the requirements upon the documents. 

Its use allows you to define your document trust policy and to ensure its application.This service is available via a web portal or API.

A fast and easy to use service

  • Trusted provider

    You define the list of providers you trust and the signatures/seals levels that you accept for each provider.
    • eIDAS qualified providers are by default authorised
    • PSCO club list are displayed on the administrator portal. You have to authorise the providers you want to include to your list
    • It is possible to add a provider by adding signature/seal certificates
  • Configuration

    • You define the labels and their values according to the business requirements : Document type (contracts, invoices, ID), geographical area (France, EU etc.) , amount (range of values) etc.
    • You then set the signature and/or seal levels according to business criteria
  • Documents submission

    • Validao verifies that the signatures/seals used matches the defined trust policy and that the signature and/or the seal were valid at the time they were affixed (eIDAS qualified validation service)
    • If the document is accepted, you can download validation report (evidence according to the eIDAS regulation) to prove the validity of the signature

Why choose Validao?

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Adapted to every business need

  • EIDAS qualified

  • Additional assurance for the company in case of litigation

  • ISO 27001 qualified

  • Independent tool, but compatible with other services (preservation of electronic signatures, electronic archiving)

  • Available via API for intensive use

To go further : our EAS guarantee their longevity and enforceability

  • SaaS solutions available in API or web portal via two EAS offers to meet your specific needs

  • Archiving of all type of documents, hosted in our own data centres in France

  • Compliance requirements

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