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Digital technology has liberated document management by facilitating the digitalization of processes and flows, whether they be incoming, outgoing or internal.

Discover our internal workflow management solutions

Our EDM (Electronic Document Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) solutions are dedicated to improving the circulation of information within your organisation, but also information destined for your clients. With our internal workflow management solutions, you can:

  • Facilitate access to information
  • Automate the document processes within your organisation
  • Dematerialize, file, manage, store and distribute electronic documents with a range of IT tools and techniques.

With access to and processing of information becoming more complex, with methods of communication multiplying, good document management is becoming essential. 

Coupled with mass scanning operated by Docaposte, and reading and recognitio solutions ADR, EDM makes client invoices and mails available with automatic indexing and filing. All of these EDM solutions have been operated by Docaposte for many years.

Thanks to numerous functionalities, you can optimize your electronic document management internally (consulting supplier invoices, client mail, automatic indexing and sorting) and externally (a landlord can use EDM to send tenant notices).

EDM, an indispensable asset

Offer numerous benefits to your company's data:

  • Optimize your productivity by automating processing to reduce back-office workload
  • Improve your responsiveness by easily accessing searched information with document centralization
  • Offer a better service quality to your clients (internal/external), by bringing a qualified, complete and fast response to all demands

Discover our offer

Each solution has its particularities and benefits. Find the solution that best meets your needs.

  • e-Doc Pro, the modular EDM with simple and high-performance document functionalities

    Turn-key solutions without installation (100% cloud), Docaposte's subsidary Eukles' EDM e-Doc Pro solution, increases the value of your company's documentary heritage and proposes varied functionalities:
    • Collaborative work
    • Automatic document,filing, indexing and full-text search
    • Document workflow: secure inter-department distribution
    • Electronic signature
    • Contract tracking (to avoid tacit renewals)
    • Sharing, separating, merging documents
    • Managing user rights
    • Virtual printer
    • Mobile application
  • Maileva EDM, a packaged solution operated by Docaposte

    Available for instant deployment, this solution centralizes all the documents in your records using a range of functionalities. It covers a wide range of vertical business problems and addresses VSBs as well as SMEs, and covers all sectors:
    • Rapid deployment
    • Collaborative work
    • Automatic document filing
    • Document workflow
    • Data storage in France
    • Indexing, full-text search
    • Daily efficiency and performance gains
  • e-Citiz: the SaaS digital window to simplify your users' lives

    Docaposte offers e-Citiz, a business process dematerialization solution. The e-Citiz platform adapts to client usage. It allows you to design and launch teleservices dedicated to e-administration and to dematerializing business processes:
    • Both a BPM (Business Process Management) and digital window solution available in SaaS mode
    • Experience of large-scale dematerialization projects (ministries, government agencies, regions, cities and companies)
    • Easily configurable for business users via configuration management tools
    • A totally omnichannel digital window
    • In integration mode, the window can be enriched with specific services
    • Naturally compatible to our client's information systems

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