Optimizing organisational processes

Optimizing organisational processes Improve your internal processes with our solutions and technological platforms

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Faced with the growing complexity of their environments, organisations need tools to optimize and streamline their processes. Technology can support the automation of organisation processes.

Digital transformation poses a real strategic challenge, so companies can focus fully on their core business and increase thier competitiveness.

From modelling to the design of a platform to automate processes to GDPR management

The different levels of optimizing organisation processes:

  • 1st step? Obtain an overview to identify the points of possible improvement
  • Once a map has been established, choose a automation solution 
  • Whether it's a user journey or a turn-key solution, digital transformations of processes is supported by automation and management tools
  • Aside from operational performance, companies must also bear in mind legal constraints in their processes

Regulatory complexity, mainly in managing the rights of personal data, requires using solutions to manage GDPR conformity (General Data Protection Regulation).

Our solutions allow you to implement real governance for your business processes, organisation and also your data.

What are the benefits of organisational transformation?

  1. Increased productivity: automatic creation of deliverables, digital service management, digital pathways or journeys
  2. Regulatory compliance
  3. Data security
  4. Tool industrialization and scalability

A range of offers to improve your operational processes

  • Process modelling

    • Easy graphic process modelling
    • Alignment of the organisation and IS
  • GDPR Management

    • Data breach management
    • Managing and tracking GDPR compliance
    • Mapping of processing and sub-contractor register
    • Risk management and impact assessments
    • Review of internal processes
    • Documentation showing GDPR compliance
    • Rights management
  • Technological platforms

    • Low-code platforms
    • Creating user/client pathways with a digital window
    • Managing digital services
    • Interoperable solutions
    • Securing workflow and data
    • Storage and hosting in France

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