Process modelling

Map and model your processes to master the complexity of your systems and to exploit your organisation's potential

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Process modelling

Transform your organization to adapt to a changing environment Digital acceleration requires businesses to rapidly evolve and prove their flexibility. Objectives:

  • Reinvent organisations and their information systems
  • Confront new business needs
  • Respond to all regulatory requirements
  • Adapt to technological developments

Successfully transforming and facing new challenges in your sector or area of business requires a common organizational and IS vision for all stakeholders. 

Design and efficiently transform your organization, processes and systems

Modelio is an enterprise and software architecture solution which allows automatic production of reports and impact analysis to:

  • Present complex processes more simply with a navigable graphic representation
  • Have an overview of a process or observe a model from the perspective of a given stakeholder
  • Automatically generate high-quality documents to easily share with all and put results into action
  • Automatically analyse models according to your rules
  • Evaluate the impact of planned changes

With a single tool, you can benefit from TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN and UML standards according to your project objectives. A unique level of intergration, certified by Open Group.

When and why use Modelio?

Some specific cases:

  1. You are moving and you decide to rethink your internal processes (dematerialization)
  2. You are launching a digital transformation plan and you want different systems and teams to work collaboratively
  3. You want to implement a data governance plan
  4. You have to optimize your decision-making processes
  5. You have a proposed take-over of a technical debt on a legacy system and you would like to reverse engineer to better understand and to optimize your applications
  6. You are leading an urbanization project of your information systems
  7. You want to better understand your application portfolio
  8. You have merged with another entity and you wish to consolidate the organization and systems

Modelio's added value

  • Single repository and centralized service for your teams and employees

  • Multistandard: use ArchiMate 3, BPMN 2 and UML 2 according to your needs

  • Open and extensible with a platform which adjusts itself to your methods, expertise and technical environment

  • Adapted participant access, rich client, thin client, Office documents can feed the repository

  • Knowledge management: Modelio is used by business knowledge managers

  • Library of personalizable icons

  • Universal model reader with Modelio Reader web client

  • Impact analysis and model audit

  • Automatic generation of high-quality documentation in accordance with your document models

Modelio's functional advantages

  • Read-access via a web browser

  • Model sharing

  • No learning process for non-technical users

  • Role and access-rights management

  • Version management (historical, comparison)

  • Simultaneous access

  • Validation process (workflow)

  • Read-access via a web browser

  • Model sharing

  • No learning process for non-technical users

  • Role and access-rights management

  • Version management (historical, comparison)

  • Simultaneous access

  • Validation process (workflow)

Modelio benefits

The Modelio platform supports user exchanges, process automation and business knowledge management around a single repository

  • Facilitating sharing through standards

    • Ready-to-use solutions
    • Sharing and learning curves simplified
    • Collaborative tools
    • Exchanges and interoperability towards or from other tools
  • Automate your documentation

    • Documents automatically updated
    • Document models, templates dedicated to your approach
    • Publication formats: MS Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Web
    • Simplified updates
  • Manage your knowledge in a single repository

    • Strategic vision, objectives, demands, risks, dictionaries, performance indicators…
    • Business architecture: organization, stakeholders, functions, processes
    • Data architecture: data governance, life cycle, GDPR compliance (General Data Protection Regulations) ...
    • Application architecture: applications, software components, inter-application workflows
    • Technical architecture : technical platform, deployed components, networks, physical infrastructure

Modelio in a few figures

  • 30

    years of experience

  • 2,000,000


  • 40,000


  • 60


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