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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs personal data processing in European Union territories. It provides a legal framework for organisations to develop their digital activities.

An opportunity for your organisation

Failure to comply with this regulation can lead to heavy fines and threatens the image of the business or organisation concerned. GDPR compliance has become a strategic element of trust.

Discover Privaciz, a complete solution for organization, collaboration and regulatory compliance.

Privaciz allows organizations to:

  • Review proper use of digital services, data and their protection
  • Implement the foundations of data governance, fundamental to increasing its value and optimizing its use.
  • Allow the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to manage information and to navigate GDPR compliance
  • Facilitate collaboration with different departments, subsidaries or subctontractors via a secure solution hosted in France

A 360° collaborative solution

Privaciz is also a collaborative service, which supports you in managing your GDPR compliance with several modules:

  • Support module for GDPR compliance
  • Management module for user requests
  • Modelling module 

Thanks to a range of adapted services, feel supported and protected: from the diagnostic to the compliance plan, plus IT security and legal implications.

A complete range of products…

One offer, 3 modules:

  • Support Module for GDPR compliance

    A collaborative tool for DPOs (Data Protection Officer) to:
    • Map processing
    • Organise your GDPR compliance (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Management module for user requests

    A centralized web management tool for:
    • Exercise of personal data rights
    • and response management
  • Modelling module

    A modelling solution to implement GDPR compliance:
    • Data, operators, IS, subcontractors, associated contracts
    • Based on UML, BPMN and ArchiMate norms

... combined with consulting

Business, regulatory, legal: we can also support you with our consulting services

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