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Digital acceleration requires a growing rate of reactivity. Low-code digital platforms are on the rise and developing across all sectors. To be able to reply to-time to-market challenges, Docaposte provides an comprehensive design toolkit.

Complementary platforms to support your digital transformation

Discover our 2 design tools supporting user pathway digitalization and business service orchestration:

  1. The e-Citiz Digital Window, the 1st step to digitalizing your client, employee, supplier, and partner pathways
  2. A digital Hub to create your personalized digital pathways on a service orchestration platform with our pre-integrated Docaposte trust components and a rich ecosystem

Focus on e-Citiz's digital window

e-Citiz is a digital window developed for public administration and businesses as well as for users.

  • Digitalizing client pathways

    • Rapidly and easily build your user pathway
    • Implement a back-office for request validation and direction
    • Benefit from sovereign, high-availability and secure hosting
  • The advantages of a digital window

    • Productivity: rich configuration, iterative methodology, business application generation
    • Universality: omnichannel, multilingual, intelligent dynamic formulas
    • Performance: multi-actor workflows, scaleability, SaaS solution
    • GDPR, security, interoperability, W3C compliant
    • Expertise: 18 years of experience in digital transformation projects

Focus on our digital Hub

  • SaaS platform integrating Docaposte's trust solutions: timestamping, electronic signature, identification/authentication, outgoing mail sending, Digiposte, etc.
  • Simplifying interoperability with external and heterogeneous systems: IS, Cloud, IOT, Identity servers, repositories, datalake, etc.
  • Fast construction of customized pathways with a workflow engine and a configuration portal
  • Secured orchestration of all types of flows (documents, objects, events) and at any moment of the lifecycle
  • Sovereign, high-availability and secure hosting

The benefits of a digital Hub

Orchestrate your digital projects faster whilst reducing costs.

  • Accelerating your projects

    • Visual programming (low-code) to decrease development time
    • Off-the-shelf business services: multi-channel distribution, signature, archives, etc.
    • Immediate go-live and scale-up
    • Simple service enhancement (configuration logic)
    • SaaS offer: hosting, DevOps, security, tools and platform operation/administration managed by Docaposte
  • Savings and ROI

    • Capitalize on costs by using a shared platform
    • Functional and service ecosystem already available
    • Simple integration with all information systems
    • API REST to simplify interactions with partner systems

The advantages of the digital Hub

A veritable service orchestration platform, the digital Hub provides a range of Docaposte trust components.

  • Solidity and performance

    • Distributed and scalable architecture
    • Calibrated platform to manage large volumes
    • Simple scalability
    • Open source technologies, open platform, interoperable
  • Continuous expertise and improvement

    • Multidisciplinary team supporting Docaposte for client project execution and platform usage
    • Agility at the heart of operations
  • Meet regulatory demands

    • Acces rights management
    • Authorisation
    • Traceability
    • Compartmentalizing data
    • Dual-site platform
    • HDS, ISO 27001 certification
    • GDPR and system security compliant

Frequently asked questions on the technology hubs of our platforms

  • It is an interactive digital channel to access an organization's services.

  • A digital window not only includes intelligent online forms (which only present what is relevant according to context) but also multi-stakeholder and multi-organization workflows, and security (authentication, OWASP).

  • This depends on the complexity of your project. An average project lasts 3 to 4 months, from the kick-off meeting to the implementation of the first business process. This can, of course, extend to 1 or even 2 years, for more complex projects.

    • Functional complexity: the number of business processes, business objects, screens
    • Technical complexity: integration and flow implementation; security constraints
    • Desired level of support: committees, change management, support
    • Type of hosting: SaaS or On-site; number of desired environments
  • Yes, the digital window responds to SVE (communication by electronic means) as well as SVA (silence means agreement) regulations.

  • Yes, several languages are offered (English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew...).

  • Yes, the digital window conforms to the W3C WAI WCAG AA standard.

  • Our scalable and industrial solution offers maximum agility allowing us to respond to all of your needs and to adapt to your technical specifications.

    The range of choices is wide:

    • Proof of Concept ready in a few weeks to test an idea internally
    • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to address your first clients and learn from their feedback.
    • Massive industrialization in a short period (<3 months) to address the full scope of your project
  • Be it inventing new services or new economic models, or supporting you in launching your projects on the digital Hub, our teams are mobilized to help you achieve your goals:

    • A service innovation team experienced in new design techniques (Lean approach, Design Thinking...)
    • A pre-sales team in charge of modelling your service architecture
    • A team of project managers dedicated to industrializing your services
    • Configuration of services can be carried out by clients or delegated to Docaposte teams (with the possibility to take charge of front-end development and reduce integration costs)
  • A low-code/no-code development platform (LCNC) is an environment for visual integrated development (IDE) in which users can add application components by dragging and dropping and then connect them to create a mobile or web application (with e-Citiz) or orchestration workflows (with the digital Hub).

  • It is a solution allowing you to create and streamline business processes in a company (via business management rules) with the aim of improving business performance (business productivity).

    It allows you to define processes and to graphically represent them (process formalization), to deploy and automatically execute them whilst remaining integrated and connected to existing applications or systems (process execution). It also provides you with an interface where you can track, check, and analyse processes in real time to improve results (process management and optimization).

  • It is a solution allowing you to simplify data and application component sharing within a company (such as ESB).

    It allows you to execute and manage integration flows between processes, services, applications and company data (on premise) and external cloud services.

    It also allows for flow monitoring (elasticity), auto-scaling, etc.It is usually deployed outside of the IS (in SaaS or AWS storage) and it includes an API management solution.

Our digital Hub projects in a few figures

  • More than 30

    direct and indirect clients

  • More than 10 million

    postal tasks orchestrated each year

  • More than 70

    private healthcare establishments

  • More than 500,000

    KYC digital files processed

  • More than 1 million

    invoice payments processed

  • More than 10,000

    electric Véligo bicycles

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