Banking compliance and account lifecycle

Support your client at every step of their life, ensuring banking compliance in an increasingly regulated ecosystem

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New regulations linked to the standardization of digital activity in Europe aim to accelerate exchanges within the European Community, whilst actively fighting against fraud, money laundering, and corruption.

Consequently, new challenges arise regarding trust, authentication and identity checks online but also the optimization of associated processes.

Guarantee compliance and optimize account lifecycles

Docaposte, a longtime partner of banks, supports the digital transformation of these establishments and their responses to these new challenges:

  1. Ensure regulatory compliance
  2. Implement an internal risk policy with customized support
  3. Respond to increasingly demanding client expectations in the digital age.

Our KYC solutions, from client onboarding to the management of estate files

For those subjected to anti-money laundering and financial terrorism (LCB-FT) regulation, Know Your Customer (KYC) has become strategic: the foundation of collecting, managing and securing clients' personal data, KYC responds to compliance and client relation concerns.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Platform

    Manage your operational risks and regulatory challenges
    • Externalizing processes
    • Accelerating client onboarding
    • Automation of file verification
    • Managing costs
    • Satisfying KYC obligations
  • Client onboarding

    Discover our many adapted solutions
    • A la carte approach: a single modular platform or standalone components (autonomous)
    • Simple integration
    • Storage and archiving of evidence files at a probative value for 10 years
  • Delegated estate management

    Simplify and make estate file management more reliable
    • Assets stored at the bank or insurance company of the deceased
    • Facilitating paperwork for families, from the opening of the file to its final settlement
    • Reconciliation
    • Respecting security norms, deadlines and quality

Accelerate your digital transformation

Regulatory constraints are being reinforced and at the same time clients are expecting a smoother and simpler experience, from the beginning of their relationship with their chosen bank.

To respond to these challenges, banks need to be more agile. Docaposte can help by accelerating digital transformation for organizations and business processes:

  • KYC verification of natural or legal persons
  • Outsourcing to experts well-versed in fraud and identity theft
  • End-to-end solutions: from client enboarding to continuous alerts (regular reviews / remediation)
  • KYC- accelerating resources: La Poste's Digital Identity service, Digiposte's digital safe, sworn postal delivery and Archipels documentary blockchain

Secure and remote client onboarding

With our range of solutions, you can benefit from an exhaustive list of methods of identity control and secured client onboarding.
  • Identity checks according to your assurance levels: "reinforced", "secure", and "substantial" level (eIDAS)
  • Wide range of approaches among the 6 different measures of the Monetary and Financial Code
  • Preventing identity and document fraud
  • Simple integration of a single modular platform or a selection of software components according to your needs 

Easily onboard new clients using an intuitive, fast, and secure method. Your demand can be linked to our electronic signature solution to remotely contractualize more easily and securely .

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