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An average banking or insurance establishment processes around 20,000 estate files each year.

INSEE predicts nearly 700,000 deaths annually in France up to 2040. Banks and insurers therefore need to find solutions for delegated estate management.

(Source: INSEE forecast, Senior Media)

Docaposte is a global operator of trust services, with a motto: to support its clients with digital transformation and outsourcing of business operations, such as managing estate files.

Increasingly complex estate administration

Banking or insurance establishments are faced with an increase of complicating factors, even conflict, which can have a strong impact on estate file management, as well as other estate administration issues:

  • Evolution of traditional family models
  • Increase in blended families
  • Growth in number of beneficiaries
  • Stricter regulatory constraints 
  • Lengthening of procedures

Successful estate file administration

The different steps:

  1. Store the client's assets in the chosen bank or insurance firm
  2. Facilitate the family's choices from start to end
  3. Facilitate reconciliation
  4. Respect security, time and quality norms

Supporting you to improve your organization

  • Research of financial elements relating to inheritance and rightful claimants

  • Start the closure date of accounts at the date of death

  • Officially declare the assets and debts of the deceased

  • Carry out the tax declaration

  • Manage exchanges with insurance companies

  • Transfer of funds to beneficiaries

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