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A leader in digital trust, Docaposte imagines, designs and operates intermediation platforms to facilitate communication and exchanges between actors in the same ecosystem, whilst respecting regulations and ensuring the secure management of sensitive data. 

Platforms that respond to your needs

  • Docaposte manages the end-to-end design of its service platforms for professionals or individuals and looks after daily operation
  • Docaposte uses its own trust services and infrastructures built on its business and technological know-how
  • Docaposte develops platforms that unite an ecosystem whilst ensuring daily operation of sensitive business data repositories (pharmaceutical data, vehicle insurance data, French trade register...)

Co-constructed with our clients, our platforms contribute to accelerating performance via the implementation of secure services and digital exchanges.

Centralize, structure and store data on highly secure servers, before sharing it with users according to set rules, and develop new high-added-value services.

Why choose Docaposte?

  • A trusted third-party and French leader in digital trust

  • Sustainable operator, subsidary of La Poste Group

  • Complete control of platform lifecycle

  • Expert in trust solutions and technology platforms

  • Business and regulatory compliance

  • Recognized know-how in integration , data management and sensitve data

  • Respecting the La Poste Group's data charter for ethical data usage

  • Certification policy

  • Sovereign data hosting in France

Seamless design and operation

Thanks to the unique combination of its assets and the power of its digital infrastructure, Docaposte has the necessary business and technological know-how to design all types of platforms responding to its clients' needs.

Docaposte works on the entire lifecycle of the platform: from its design to its operational maintenance, including service outsourcing (client support, invoicing & sales administration, payment).

Our solutions and infrastructures are designed and operated by us in France.

Customizable services

As a close partner, Docaposte has developed a large range of technological solutions and support.

  • Support at each step

    • Design and Design system
    • User experience (UX/UI)
    • Development and integration
    • Operation and application maintenance
    • Change management
  • Assembling different solutions

    • Trust solutions that are 100% Docaposte
    • Open source solutions
    • Third party solutions
    • Customized development
    • Data and Business Intelligence
    • Data and Business Intelligence
  • Service operation

    • Verification of business and regulatory compliance
    • Management and intermediation of business flows
    • Management and operation of repositories
    • Outsourcing of high-value business services (document processing and examination)
    • User support
    • Secured hosting in France
    • Invoicing, payment, sales administration

The user experience is our priority. To simplify and streamline journeys, Docaposte brings UX/UI experts to your projects.

Experience and service design

More than 80 experts at your service:

  • Ideation workshops, design thinking, innovation
  • Evaluation and definition of user pathways
  • Interface overhaul
  • Definition of a design system
  • User tests

Optimize the creation of your platforms

We offer proven low-code technology to accelerate platform development. There is no more need to "code": you can personalize and orchestrate your services more easily by using our know-how in integration and designing customized platforms.

  • Omnichannel digital window

    The omnichannel digital window is the first step of digitalization for client pathways to facilitate requests (clients, suppliers, partners…) and their processing by your teams:
    • Designing of a user portal
    • Creating a client pathway
    • Implementing back-office jobs to validate and direct requests
    • Solutions in SaaS mode with secured hosting in France
  • Digital Hub

    We create digital pathways using a service orcherstration platform with our trust solutions:
    • Orchestrating all types of flows (documents, objects, events)
    • Orchestrating incoming, internal and outgoing flows
    • Integrated trust solutions (electronic signature, storage...)
    • Solution in SaaS mode with secured hosting in France
  • Trust infrastructure

    The power and durability of our digital infrastructures:
    • Secured hosting and certified ISO 27001 in France
    • Cloud hosting
    • Hosting sensitive data (health data…)
    • 4 high-availability data centers

Our platforms include our trust services and solutions

  • Digital identification and certificates

  • Timestamping

  • Electronic singature

  • Data extraction and document verification

  • User pathways

  • BPM and Document management

  • Payment

  • Archives at probative value

  • Digital identification and certificates

  • Timestamping

  • Electronic singature

  • Data extraction and document verification

  • User pathways

  • BPM and Document management

  • Payment

  • Archives at probative value

Our other references

Powerful platforms, customized on request.

  • Vehicle insurance files (Agira)

Creation for insurers and sharing of repositories between insurers, law enforcement agencies, …

  • Union representivity database (Labour Ministry)

Creation and sharing (unions, head of HR...) on a 4-year cycle of repository with allFrench election data, in order to calculate representivity.

  • National business and company register (RNCS) - Infogreffe

Creation, enrichment, sharing and distribution of this national register which is essential for economic transparency in France.

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