Intermediation platform

Intermediation platform

An intermediation platform is used to unite, professionalise and speed up performance in your business line through the development of online services.

It also accelerates your sector's digital transition through controlled support leading from paper to legal paperless processing. Lastly, it enables you to intervene as an intermediary and trusted third party for the various stakeholders involved in exchanges (such as chartered accountants and the DGI tax body for the electronic processing of fiscal and social declarations).


The platform is first and foremost used to centralised, structure and preserve data on highly-secured servers, before sharing them with users, as per defined rules. It also enables the development of new high added value services.


Within the healthcare sector for instance, the platform generates automatic alerts based on key indicators, such as stock shortages or healthcare risks, etc. It can also be used to send analyses and trends in real time...


DOCAPOSTE's job is to design, operate and host these e-service platforms (information system + interface/portal) on behalf of its customers (e.g. Jedé, Infogreffe, National Pharmacist Committee, etc.).


These platforms help free principals from the issue of stakeholder variety in terms of:

  • resources (small or large structures growing within the private or public realm),
  • formats (EDI, XML, proprietary, etc.),
  • technologies (public or private network, ERP, etc.).


The intermediation platform encompasses several functionalities:

  • Interface with existing ISs
  • Authentication
  • Exchange traceability
  • Invoicing and commissioning
  • Professional workflows
  • Evidence management
  • Access portals
  • User support