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Onboarding: simplify your processes, while securing access to your services

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A demanding onboarding process allows customer relationship management to become part of a real chain of trust. The aim of onboarding is to optimise your funnel (or conversion path) and secure access to services or transactions.

This process must be in line with regulatory compliance requirements, such as Anit Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing (AML-CFT).  

Customize your processes to identified use cases and business risk

Many uses do not require certified identity verification. They do, however, require a solid evidence file in case of dispute.

  • Non-regulated use cases

    • Service subscription: rental and sharing services, complementary health insurance, telephone/internet services, transport subscriptions
    • Booking of transport or accommodation services
    • Resetting authentication codes to access banking applications
    • Verification of a user's age
    • Renting a property
    • Temporary employment registration
    • Up-selling or cross-selling of banking or savings products
  • Use cases subject to regulation

    • Subscription to a banking product: account opening, savings product, etc.
    • Subscription to capital-creating insurance products
    • Access to online gambling or betting

Faced with these challenges, Docaposte offers solutions based on your needs

Our offer enables you to :

  1. Make your onboarding (electronic transaction entry) processes more secure with solutions for identification, collection of verified credentials, electronic signature and payment, and digital archiving
  2. Use an identity verification module adapted to the business risk and to your offers, in order to combine optimization of the customer experience and service security
  3. Benefit from a seamless, end-to-end journey with our onboarding portal and business platforms
  4. Link your onboarding system to your back-office with excellent customer knowledge to meet KYC obligations

As part of the user identity verification process, banks, insurance companies and online gambling operators need to find a balance between fluidity, simplicity and security in their customer journey.

Docaposte offers a range of solutions adapted to these challenges of remote identity verification during onboarding:

  • La Poste Digital Identity, a service qualified by the ANSSI under the eIDAS regulation
  • PVID solution (name of the repository for Remote Identity Verification Providers)

> Learn more about our solutions to fight identity fraud

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To go one step further...

  • Electronic signature

    Digitalize your subscription with the electronic signature. Docaposte, a trusted digital third party, offers you the most complete range on the market.
    • Digiposte digital safe

      Speed up the collection of documents contained in over 5.5 million Digiposte digital safes. Whether you need proof of income, address or bank details, you can benefit from documents certified as to their origin and integrity by over 6,000 issuers.

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