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Professional elections are strategic for you and your union representatives. Strictly regulated, they need to take place in conformity with electoral protocols negotiated with your union organisations.

The electronic vote, the future of voting

Driving participation and accessbility, online voting is the way forward: freeing voters from all time or geographic constraints.

Thanks to electronic voting, each voter can express their choice:

  • From home, work or while traveling
  • On a tablet, smartphone or computer
  • Via any type of browser

Solutions up-to-speed with regulatory challenges

Our electronic vote solutions provide all necessary guarantees.

Responding to regulatory requirements in terms of confidentiality and fairness is an obligation.

CNIL compliant (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty): our electronic voting solutions conform to the CNIL resolution No.2019-053 of 25 April, 2019.

GDPR compliant: our voting solutions also comply with GDPR requirements (General Data Protection Regulation), European regulations relative to the protection of natural or legal persons in regards to personal data processing and the free circulation of such data.

Benefits of electronic voting

  • Simplified organisation

  • Time savings

  • Reliability of elections and results

  • Optimal voter involvement

  • Cost savings

  • Simplified organisation

  • Time savings

  • Reliability of elections and results

  • Optimal voter involvement

  • Cost savings

Advantages: a fast, easy, secure, economical and sustainable process

  • Only a few minutes to vote from A to Z

  • Automated count, immediate results as soon as voting closes

  • Simplified voting for employees

  • Convenient for employees: voters can cast their vote at any time, anywhere and from any type of connected device

  • All-inclusive costs

  • Less need to mobilize voters

  • Reduction of human resource needs

  • An eco-responsible choice: lower or no printing costs

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Video : Showcasing Voxaly, a Docaposte leader and expert in electronic voting

Secure voting

The strength of our solutions is in their security, guaranteeing the trust of our users. Digital trust is particularly important when it comes to electronic voting.

  • Anonymity

    • Ballot papers without any reference (directly or indirectly) to the voter
    • Separate storage of ballot papers and signatures
    • Progressive mixing of ballots to prevent chronological cross-checking
  • Confidentiality

    • Encryption of exchanges with the voter
    • Encryption of ballots in the ballot box
    • Access to decryption keys
  • Proof and non-repudiation

    • Securing voting systems and regular surveillance
    • TLS Protocol (Transport Layer Security) between the voter and voting site
    • Electronic signature of acknowledgement of receipt
    • Proof manager

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