Trusted solutions

Our trusted service chain offers our clients a large variety of interoperable digital solutions to make the lives of our clients and also citizens easier

As the leading specialist in digital confidence in France and an expert in processing sensitive data

Docaposte supports with confidence all types of businesses and public institutions with their transformations and acceleration.

Docaposte is a leader in trusted digital solutions (electronic voting, electronic registered mail, electronic signatures, digital archiving…) and lends its expertise to the creation and management of tailor-made digital platforms.

Offering a wide range of solutions for our clients, the La Poste Group and our partners endorse Docaposte’s technology and carry the Tech & Trust label, guaranteeing our commitment to trust, security and reliability.

Docaposte is committed towards a trustworthy and responsible digital usage based on ethical values. Because trust is non-negotiable.

Qualified and certified solutions

Docaposte is eIDAS qualified on the entirety of its trusted digital services range.
Our unique position on the market allows us to fully respond to a client’s complete needs, guaranteeing confidence on the chain of data processing.

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Remote identity verification

Identification and authentification: discover all of our solutions to ensure the identity of your users in your digital world.

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Electronic signature

Go to the next level with our electronic signature solution!
Docaposte offers the most extensive range of electronic signature solutions on the market:

  • Simple/advanced/remote qualified/local qualified signatures
  • Maileva online signatures
  • API signatures
  • Tailored signatures
  • Advances signatures

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Digital archiving and storage

Keep your digital documents secure and guarantee their legal validity over time with our certified solutions, that comply with regulations:

  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Electronic archive system
  • Digiposte digital safe

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Electronic invoices and payment

Get ready for the transition to electronic invoicing with our invoicing dematerialization offer ! Simplify your client experience and accelerate collection processing with Paynum, the most advanced payment platform on the market.

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Paynum digital payments

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Voting and employee relations

Simplify your election organisation, save time and money with our multichannel voting solutions.

  • Paper vote
  • Electronic vote
  • Employee relations and ERIS ( Employee Relations Information System)
  • Plenary vote and ESC (Economic and Social Committee) and ERIS

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Omnichannel customer experience management

The transformation of customer experience management requires thorough analysis of your processes and knowing which actions to prioritize.
Create a simple, fluid, interactive and omnichannel customer experience.

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Optimization of organizational processes

Optimize the organizational procceses of acquisition, management, conservation and the distribution of information and documents with our specialized modules.

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Artificial Intelligence and Data

Docaposte champions responsible AI and data use. All of our work aims to improve the transparency of data processing and algorithm design, and to facilitate understanding of AI by all stakeholders.

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Fighting fraud

Implement solutions adapted to your needs for fighting identity and document fraud.
Docaposte’s solutions and technology are innovative, interoperable, proven and comply to French and European regulations.

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Our commitments on trust solutions

  • Robust and proven solutions across our different markets

  • Solutions developed and operated in-house (Tech&Trust by Docaposte)

  • State-of-the-art data centers operated 100% by Docaposte

  • Solutions with certification specific to your sector

  • eIDAS qualified on all of our Digital Trust services

  • HDS certified for all solutions processing personal health data

  • Data encryption

Docaposte in figures

  • 122


  • More than 40,000

    business and public sector clients

  • More than 5,000

    public sector clients

  • 4

    certified latest-generation data centres

  • No.1

    Health Data Controller in France

  • 45 million

    health records actively stored

  • No.1

    in France for digital archives and electronic voting

  • No.1

    in France for electronic signature