The essentials

Discover our essentials, the key trusted digital solutions for a successful digital transformation

Docaposte, creator of a digital world that is safer, more useful, closer to everyone

Signature, invoice, archiving, registered or even electronic voting, so many digital solutions that have become highly democratized to become essential day-to-day solutions for many organizations that have opted for the digitization of their documents and processes.

  • At Docaposte, we are here to speed up your exchanges with more than 50 million signatures made with our electronic signature.
  • We are here to preserve your privacy with nearly a million people having entrusted their digital identity to L’Identité Numérique La Poste.
  • We are here to make your daily life easier with 3 million employees who receive their payslips safe in their Digiposte safe.
  • We are here to guarantee tomorrow, with 15 billion archived documents, the highest level of security.
  • We are here to secure your procedures with more than 3 million electronic registered letters distributed.
  • We’re here to save you time with 26 million people voting remotely with our voting solutions.



Our 8 essential digital solutions:

Electronic signature

Go up a gear with the electronic signature!

  • Simple / advanced / remotely qualified / locally qualified signature
  • Maileva Sign online
  • API signing
  • Custom signature
  • Advanced signing

Discover the electronic signature

Remote identity checks

Identification and authentication: discover all our solutions to ensure the identity of your users in your digital journeys

Discover our identification solutions

Digiposte digital safe

Dematerialize the HR documents of your employees in complete security and guarantee:

  • their authenticity
  • their integrity, including the archiving of payslips for 50 years
  • their sustainability, with a service provided by a trusted player, La Poste

Discover Digiposte

Electronic invoices

Opt now for the electronic invoice:

  • Automate and accelerate invoice management processes
  • Secure and make your invoicing process more reliable from A to Z
  • Optimize processing costs compared to a paper invoice
  • Anticipate the regulations on the dematerialization of invoices in France

Discover the electronic invoice

Digital archiving and storage

Keep your digital documents safe and guarantee their legal value over time, thanks to our regulatory-compliant and certified solutions:

  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Electronic Archiving System (SAE)
  • Digiposte digital safe

Discover our archiving solutions

Electronic registered mail

Speed ​​up your procedures and reduce your costs with the 100% electronic registered mail

Discover the electronic registered mail

Electronic vote

Streamline the organization of your elections thanks to electronic voting. Our solutions offer all the required guarantees:

  • CNIL compliance
  • GDPR Compliance

Discover the electronic vote

Omnichannel customer communication

Facilitate the management of your multi-channel shipments whatever your volumes:

  • Mail
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Electronic registered mail
  • (…)

Discover our omnichannel customer communication

Our commitments

  • Acceleration of your exchanges

  • Simplify your daily life

  • Time saving

  • Securing your procedures

  • Protection of your data

  • Preservation of your privacy

Some key figures

  • 50 million

    signatures made

  • 3 million

    employees receive their payslips in Digiposte

  • 3 million

    electronic registered mails distributed

  • 26 million

    people vote remotely thanks to our solutions

  • 15 billion

    documents archived with the highest level of security