Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management

Manage and optimise your telecoms assets in complete peace of mind

Employees increasingly equipped with many tools, personal and professional mobile phones, organisations that are becoming globalised, deployment of the Internet of things… Telecom Expense Management is becoming one of the key and strategic issues for DSI DAF and general services.

In this new context and in a continuously changing environment, how can the multitude and complexity of telecoms assets be managed while ensuring data security? How to optimise procurements? How to optimise costs to reduce the bill?


The solution uses centralised management of your telecoms assets and meets all your functional business needs, whatever your organisation


  • Support throughout the entire service life by our activity experts: deployment, operation and support, training and consultancy
  • International solution already deployed in 5 European countries and currently being deployed in five others
  • Healthcare data hosting in France on DOCAPOSTE ISO 27001 servers
  • Processing capacity of high line volumes
  • Ergonomic, intuitive and multilingual interface for wide-ranging centralised management: contracts/operators/applications/uses/organisations/equipment
  • Solution able to manage the internet of things and associated services.


  • Complete management of the service life of all connected objects and equipment
  • Intuitive and multilingual interface
  • Secure hosting of data in France
  • 7-15% reduction in your annual bill
  • Savings in roaming costs
  • Management and control of telecoms assets internationally.