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Knowing your vulnerabilities is the first step to protecting yourself from cyberattacks. Discover our non-intrusive cyberscan solution

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SnipR is the ideal solution for analyzing the security of various elements that your IT system may expose, through a non-intrusive vulnerability scan.

It allows you to test your IT system using provided information (public IP addresses and domain names), detect exposure vulnerabilities, identify them, and match them with existing CVEs.

In just a few hours, SnipR will have thoroughly scanned your system and generate a report specifying the level of security maturity of your IT system.

Assess Your Attack Surface

In order to better protect yourself against cyberattacks, our Cyberscan allows you to:

  • Define your attack surface
  • Analyze the security level of your externally exposed IT system
  • Summarize the level of IT vulnerabilities within your company
  • Determine the security maturity level of your IT system
  • Identify weaknesses and match them with existing CVEs*

*CVE : Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

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