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Optimize the management of your technology assets and resources, in complete security

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Manage and optimize your telecom assets with peace of mind

Employees are increasingly multi-equipped with laptops, both professional and personal, and are working more remotely, especially since the recent health crisis has led to an increase in teleworking and in the types of remote communication available.

This raises several questions for companies. How to manage the diversity and complexity of technological assets (mobile and fixed telephony, voice, data, connected objects, etc.) while ensuring data security? How to optimize supplies? How to optimize and reduce costs ?

Discover our TEM offer

Launched in 2013, our TEM (Telecom Expense Management) offer has evolved to better support companies as their requirements evolve.

Today, organizations no longer only need to administrate, manage, order, analyse and monitor the status, consumption and usage of their telecom assets (fixed and mobile), but rather their technological assets in the broadest sense. The latter have evolved with new modes of communication in businesses. This is why we now speak of Technology Expense Management.

Our Technology Expense Management offer is based on the combination of our own SaaS platform and services provided by our business experts: fleet manager, telecoms management supervisor, RFP consultant, etc.).

Our TEM offer allows you to centrally manage the digital workplace of your employees in real time. Whatever your organisation, it meets all the functional needs of your business:

  • CFO
  • Facilities
  • IT
  • Purchasing department                                  
  • Employees

Why choose Docaposte?

  • A key player in the digital transformation of companies, Docaposte has 30 years of experience in managed services
  • Our TEM platform is hosted in SaaS mode in our own data centres, located in France. Interconnected in real time with the main IS of mobile and fixed-line operators, our solution is also interfaced with the main ITSMs (Information Technology Service Management), especially that of Service Now, the market leader, but also with mobility security solutions such as those of VMware (formerly AirWatch) or Pradeo
  • As a trusted digital third party and digital subsidiary of La Poste Group, we have no commercial or contractual links with French or European telecom operators. This guarantee of independence and neutrality, combined with the durability of La Poste Group, is a real advantage for the success of your TEM project

Why choose our solution?

  • Product advantages

    • Intuitive, multilingual interface for centralized management (contracts, operators, applications, uses, organizations, equipment, etc.)
    • Management of the entire life cycle of technological assets by business experts: consulting, implementation, training, operation, support
    • Real-time monitoring via public operator and client-specific APIs
    • International solution deployed in 7 European countries and the United States
    • Secure data hosting in France on our ISO 27001 certified servers
    • Solution for managing the Internet of Things and associated services
  • Your benefits

    • Automation of technology asset management (mobile, fixed, WAN...)
    • Management and control of technology assets on an international scale
    • Average savings of 10% on the annual telecom bill
    • Savings on roaming
    • Customized managed services with business experts
    • Rapid ROI with increased employee accountability

Our expert says it best!

"By delegating the management of their technological assets to Docaposte, companies can save up to 30% in time and more than 10% on their annual invoices, and this from the first year."

François HAMONET, TEM Business Owner at Docaposte

They have chosen Docaposte

Discover the AGIR offer, dedicated to the port sector

Developed by Softeam, a Docaposte brand, this solution allows you to optimize the management of human and material resources for ports and cargo handlers: create, centralize and consolidate your information in real time

Why choose AGIR

  • A human resources and material management software package dedicated to ports and cargo handlers

  • Management of human resources (assignment, absences and working time, training, etc.)

  • Communication of schedules to employees

  • Management of machinery and equipment (availability, allocation, maintenance, etc.)

  • Management of port calls

  • Decision-making support: the tool takes into account the applicable regulations, branch and local agreements, as well as the organizational constraints of the port

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