Regulatory transformation

With Softeam, turn your regulatory constraints into opportunities

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Businesses are evolving in a constantly changing environment. Among these changes, regulatory change has a particular impact on organisations.

Supporting you with regulatory transformation

Regulatory compliance is a necessity. Softeam supports you to turn these constraints into increased competitiveness and performance.

  • System and compliance audits
  • Regulatory scoping and procedures
  • Regulatory protection (statements, reporting)
  • Implementing and optimizing risk management systems (credit and compensation, markets, cashflow, operational…)
  • Managing and implementing transformation/regulatory alignment programs and projects

Your regulatory challenges

  • Risk management

  • Compliance

  • Mastery of processes

  • Regulatory monitoring and anticipation

  • Risk management

  • Compliance

  • Mastery of processes

  • Regulatory monitoring and anticipation

Areas of intervention

Each of our consultants has built a solid experience throughout their career in the regulatory sector.

  • Risk management
  • Regulatory alignment
  • Audit/Due diligence of systems /Projects
  • Program and project management
  • Optimization of calculation processes
  • Business transformation
  • Transition management
  • Crisis management

We support you with major transformation linked to new regulations or regulatory change. These changes impact both your organization and the core of your information systems.

Our expertise

Regulatory transformation in the insurance and finance sectors requires specific skills.

  • Insurance

    • DSP2
    • LCBFT
    • Pacte Law
    • Solvency 2
    • IFRS 9 et 16
    • Réforme RC Auto
    • 100% Santé
  • Finance

    • Bâle III / IV
    • AnaCredit
    • NDOD
    • Stress tests
    • FRTB
    • BCBS 239
    • MIFID 2
    • GDPR
    • UCITS IV
    • AIFM

Our deliverables at each step

  • Audit report
  • Continuous monitoring report
  • Scoping documents
  • Document mapping
  • Action plans
  • Architecture documentation
  • Functional and technical specifications
  • Benchmarking
  • Regulatory standards
  • GDPR deliverables (inventory, gap analysis, summary, training and awareness kits)

Our fields of expertise

Our consultants' business knowledge; real expertise at our clients' service.

  • Our people

    • Program director
    • Project director
    • Project manager
    • Business analyst
    • PMO
    • Product Owner
  • Specialized consultants

    • PSPO
    • SAfe
    • Lean
    • PMP
    • CBAP
    • FRM
    • CFA
    • Prince 2

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