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Serving national and local public sector operators for optimal internal functioning

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Docaposte supports public decision-makers

We optimize internal processes of local and national public operators through proven and robust digital and physical solutions to ensure cost management and a high quality of service.

Docaposte is a trusted public sector partner. Our solutions allow you to adapt services for new usages, new organizations, and regulatory changes.

Optimizing resources benefits both elected officials and civil servants: both can rapidly access the necessary information for decision-making.

Optimizing public service digitalization

At Docaposte, we share the strong conviction that only an intelligent combination of digital and physical services can meet the number one modernization challenge for public life.

We partner public actors daily to adapt services for new usages, new organizations, and to regulatory changes.

Our digital solutions are responsible and sovereign, complying to regulations and ensuring highly secured data.

Our chain of digital trust services

  • Accelerate digital projects

  • Simplify and secure exchanges with the State

  • Improve exchanges and sharing of information

  • Facilitate the flow and signature of documents and their distribution

  • Guarantee the continuity of documents and data

  • Streamline relations between local authorities and families

  • Organize remote or physical elections (in-session voting, professional elections...)

Our savoir-faire, serving public operators

  • Consulting and support

  • Digital Trust services

  • Digital platforms

  • Managed services for government policy

  • Business expertise

  • Sovereign hosting

  • Consulting and support

  • Digital Trust services

  • Digital platforms

  • Managed services for government policy

  • Business expertise

  • Sovereign hosting

Our offers

We offer packaged or customized solutions to simplify the work of elected officials and civil servants, to streamline communication within the organization and to develop a new and more simple relation with citizens through digitalizing user journeys.

  • Trust our consulting and service experts

    • Transformation consulting
    • Application delivery and maintenance
    • Data and AI dedicated to citizens
    • Innovation and digital experience
  • Enrich your business processes with our trust services

    • Digital identification
    • Certificates
    • Electronic signatures
    • Secure exchanges
    • Electronic registered mail
    • Identity verification
    • Electronic archiving
    • Trust service platform
  • Digitalize resources and HR tools

    • Lifecycle of incoming, internal and outgoing documents
    • Multi-channel distribution
    • Electronic signing
    • Committee management
    • Dematerialization of employee files
    • Payroll
    • Professional elections

With deep understanding of the entire digital trust chain, Docaposte offers turnkey solutions supported by the latest technological innovations and the expertise of its teams to support organisations at each step of their project: organizational consulting, change management, hotline, training, support...

As a remote data transmission third-party, Docaposte secures electronic exchanges of all document types and ensures the continuity and maintenance of its services long-term: encryption, time-stamping, authentication, electronic proof archiving, incoming, internal and outgoing mail...

Focus on our turnkey solutions

  • Simplify exchanges with the State

    Improve public administration efficiency, make processing savings, become more user-focused
    • Mobile solutions for elected officials

      To facilitate the daily work of elected officials who need to manage large volumes of documents
      • Electronic signature

        For securely signing all types of document and complying to different regulatory contexts imposed on local authorities and local public establishments.
        • Electronic mail management

          For optimized information management, guaranteeing reception, delivery and archiving compliant to security and confidentiality rules.

          Key figures

          • 15,000

            client users

          • 20

            €1M projects

          • 40

            years' experience

          • 13

            client regions

          • 70

            client departments

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