Professional back-office

Professional back-office

Expert for the last 30 years in the delegated management of professional processes


DOCAPOSTE offers a full range of outsourcing solutions - from corporate professional processes (FAD, Customer Relations, HR, Legal, General Services, etc.) to information feedback, integrating the features and constraints specific to each activity in a flexible manner.

Its consultants and experts (IS, professional, etc.) have a perfect command of all project management, from requirement assessment to elaborating solutions and implementing them, thanks to:

  • The delegation of all or part of a process
  • Operations completed on the customer's site or on a joint industrial site
  • IS development and operation
  • Input from professional experts (e.g. expert managers, doctors, legal practitioners, etc.)
  • Front Office + Back Office management
  • DOCAPOSTE has over 20 production centres, certified ISO 9001 :2008, that are secured, spread out all over France and guarantee high-quality and local services.