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Docaposte's Online Gaming Vault provides gambling operators with multi-jurisdictional compliant data traceability solutions for enhanced player protection.

The Docaposte Online Gaming Vault is a multi-jurisdiction solution that enables gaming operators to abide by data traceability and secure storage requirements via a single platform. This gambling compliance solution ensures data integrity, timestamping and proof of origin, guaranteeing legally-binding value over time and end-to-end player protection. 

Docaposte’s Online Gaming Vault is the only digital vault service compliant with data traceability requirements in Bulgaria, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Argentina (Buenos Aires).

Docaposte is at your service to facilitate your operations in other countries. Do not hestitate to contact us, if you are interested in a solution.

The Docaposte Online Gambling Vault offers gambling operators the following services:

  • A multi-jurisdictional gambling compliance service capable of storing data in accordance with the file format required by local regulators. Data can be accessed by regulators at any time for audit purposes.

  • A licensing package including country-specific documentation support and technical deliverables to guide them through the licensing application process with local regulators.

  • An integration package including an SDK, API and technical documentation to support gaming operators during integration and explain all technical requirements.

  • Continuous monitoring of regulatory changes to cover additional jurisdictions as soon as they open—Docaposte’s Online Gaming Vault ensures compliance with changing requirements at no extra cost.

  • Multi-jurisdictional compliance

    Docaposte is the only digital vault software supplier compliant with the requirements in Bulgaria, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Argentina (Buenos Aires).
    • Regulatory consulting and monitoring

      Continuous monitoring of regulatory changes is carried out to address new requirements and to cover newly regulated jurisdictions at no extra charge.
      • Regulatory Documentation

        A set of documents supporting your technical licence application.
        • Certification

          Certification for a digital Gaming Vault from independent gambling labs.

          • Scalability

            Docaposte’s gaming vault software supports several millions of secure gaming transactions per second.
            • Secure Encrypted Storage

              99.7% availability in a secure, redundant infrastructure.
              • 24/7 Service Availability

                Tier 3 Hosting in each location as required by each regulatory market.
                • Quick Integration

                  Via a Developer API adapted for both a SOAP/xml-based API and RESTful JSON-based APIs.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  • A wide number of regulated gambling markets now require a data storage solution for data traceability.

                    Therefore, we developed Docaposte's Online Gaming Vault, designed in compliance with regulatory requirements, and certified by an independent lab.

                  • All regulated markets have adopted a Data Vault or Safe, Almacen or CDB as a traceability model to help regulators to obtain data from licensees in a secure and uniform way. The types of frameworks change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, depending on their requirements regarding the type of data they want to monitor and record as well as the frequency in which they want it recorded.

                    Docaposte's Online Gaming Vault integrates itself seamlessly according to the needs of gaming operators who need to comply with local laws as its design must comply with regulatory technical requirements and be certified as a proof of compliance when applying for a licence.

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