Omnichannel customer experience management

Offering a simple, streamlined, and interactive omnichannel customer experience

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Consumer behaviours evolve as well as their expectations. Organisations need to adapt and offer a customer experience which meets these new challenges: simple, fast, personalized.

Digitally transform your customer experience management.

Responding to new client expectations

Changing communication channels and the increase in digital usage has created higher client demands regarding the services that they consume.

This includes redesigning the customer experience to respond better to these new expectations:

  • Ease of use: access to services needs to be easy and intuitive
  • Speed - immediacy even - in delivering services and processing complaints
  • Security of data and exchanges: guarantee the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of transactions
  • Personalizing services and communication channels: constantly adapting to the customer

Docaposte, an expert in client relations

Docaposte combines consulting and support, digital trust services and human competence to transform your client relationship management, whilst respecting regulatory frameworks. This is all carried out in guaranteeing the securoty of data and exchanges. Transforming client relationship management requires thorough analysis of your processes and understanding of priority actions in order to:

  • Facilitate client onboarding 
  • Reduce transactional and signature delays
  • Communicate effectively
  • Adapt contact points upon request
  • Develop new personalized services

Whatever the maturity of your digital transformation, Docaposte's consultants and project managers are here to support you from the diagnosis of existing systems and processes to implementing the right solutions.

Service platforms adapted to your client pathways / journeys

Based on robust and proven technological foundations, our platforms are pre-configured to respond to your digitalization requirements and automation of your client journeys. Our objective: to address client onboarding and client relationship management, according to your sector and your business.

  • Enrolment and subscription
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Care pathways 
  • Credit applications
  • Citizen relationship
  • HR management
  • (...)

Integrate our solutions into your client processes with a complete range of APIs and an assistance portal.

Digital trust at the core of the customer experience

  • Identity checks

  • Supporting document checks

  • Electronic signatures

  • Payment

  • Digital archives

  • Identity checks

  • Supporting document checks

  • Electronic signatures

  • Payment

  • Digital archives

An omnichannel, personalized and seamless experience

Docaposte offers software and outsourcing solutions for client relationship management so that you can focus on your core business:

  • 360° client vision with Machine Learning to process high volumes of data originating from multiple channels
  • AR advisors, capable of offering highly personalized responses, smoother and more relevant interactions
  • Selfcare chatbot to support client autonomy

For Docaposte, customer experience cannot be exclusively digital: humans enrich the digital world and increase trust, digitalization accelerates and simplifies it. 

Docaposte, with 30 years of expertise in outsourced back- and front-office client relationship management, has created the Customer Care Center.

Processing and management of client files, claim and incident management: benefit from human competence and client relations expertise.

Discover our workflow management solutions

  • Simplify and automate the workflows with data processing whilst complying with regulations

    • Simple and accurate digitalization (faithful copies)
    • Extracting documentary content
    • Integration in your business applications
  • Improve the circulation of information within your organisation

    • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
    • Digital window and BPM tool
  • Facilitating all volumes of multi-channel mail management

    • Document composition
    • Sending electronic registered mail
    • Desktop publishing and Direct Marketing

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