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From 1 July 2024, complying to Article 153 of the 2020 Finance Law, B2B invoices, including those subject to VAT, should be electronic. This regulatory evolution is to be rolled out progressively, according to a fixed timetable and concerns all types of businesses regardless of size.

Simplify and secure the sending of your invoices

A wide offer to improve business performance:

  • Increased productivity with automated sending of invoices
  • Cost reduction of invoice processing
  • Secure and reliable invoice processes
  • Simple-to-use solutions with packaged offers and a customized process for your business

Conformity timetable

  • 1 July 2024

    • All businesses will be required to receive e-invoices
    • Large companies will be required to issue e-invoices
  • 1 January 2025

    • Medium sized businesses will be required to issue e-invoices
  • 1 January 2026

    • Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses will be required to issue e-invoices
    • E-invoices will be obligatory for all businesses (receiving and issuing)

Beyond the regulatory aspect, your business can start taking advantage of e-invoicing today. With Maileva Invoices, the processing and sending of invoices is simplified and automated, whatever the method: paper or digital and to private or public recipients (ChorusPro)..

A reliable, secure and compliant solution

Via its e-invoice solution, Docaposte guarantees:

  1. A multichannel approach: your invoices are sent by paper or electronic format according to the recipient
  2. Interoperable management with a public invoice portal and other partner platforms (OD or PDP)
  3. The creation and transmission of e-reporting in paper or digital format for administrations, conforming to the finance law
  4. Invoice archiving
  5. E-signatures (RGS certificates) for your invoices
  6. Management of status updates for invoice sending and processing

Our Maileva Invoice solution is adapted to all of your business needs. To access our solutions, choose between SaaS mode, API, integrated solutions, via virtual printers or automated sending.

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