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E-invoicing reduces your processing costs and accelerates payment times, so you can keep your cash flow under control

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The benefits and advantages of e-invoicing are now well established. In fact, the savings in terms of processing costs for companies can be as much as 50 or even 75%, depending on the degree of digital transformation of invoice processing.

E-invoicing also speeds up the invoice collection, improves customer-supplier relations, and enables you to control your expenses and therefore your cash flow in real time.

Timetable for electronic invoicing

The reform will be introduced in two stages. Given what is at stake for businesses, these dates of entry into force are adjustable to ensure reliable deployment.

  • From the 1st of September 2026 : Obligation for all companies to receive e-invoices and an obligation for large and medium-sized companies to issue e-invoices. 
  • From the 1st of September 2027: Obligation for micro-enterprises and SMEs to issue e-invoices.  

Discover our solutions in the Maileva Invoice range

  • All your customer invoices at a glance: from delivery to tracking

    • Automatic detection of the delivery channel: e-mail, portal, Chorus (state platform) or postal
    • Instant distribution for 100% digital channels
    • Reduced payment times and detailed tracking of sent invoices
  • Centralised supplier invoices: validation, payment and accounting

    • Multi-channel collection and centralisation of documents (credit notes, purchase orders, invoices)
    • Validation and payment approval
    • Invoice payment and export to pre-accounting

Key figures for invoicing in France

  • 2 billion

    BtoB invoices in 2022

  • €184bn

    of VAT collected in 2022

  • Between €20 and €25bn

    of VAT fraud in 2022

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