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The virtualisation of exchanges is increasing and businesses are looking for trustworthy and lasting solutions to free their time from mail processing (printing, distribution, management). Maileva, a Docaposte brand, supports SMEs and VSB in their digitalisation journey.

Manage sending in a few clicks

Our Maileva online mail service platform is the most simple method to send all of your mail from simple correspondance to registered mail or marketing campaigns. Trust us with your mail : we print, package, stamp and post your mail with La Poste.

  • Performance

    • Improve your operating processes
    • Refocus your employees on their core business
    • Simplify document search, proof of postage and acknowledgement of receipt
  • Savings

    • Save money on printing, inserting and stamping and associated maintenance
    • On basic materials: envelopes, paper, ink and storage
    • On stamping: 30 to 45% financial gain with preferential rates from the first mail sent
    • On labour
  • Trust

    • Responding to regulatory requirements (e.g. electronic invoicing)
    • Benefit from regulatory opportunities Work (e.g. dematerialization of payslips, electronic signatures)
    • Choose solutions that strictly conform to legal requirements
  • Environmental commitments

    • Maileva complies to numerous environmental labels (imprim'vert, PEFC, FSC, European Ecolabel)
    • Choise of eco-responsable materials
    • Commitment to La Poste Group's carbon neutrality

Sending simple correspondence

Maileva can manage the production of simple correspondence via configuration of its sending platform.

  • Benefit from same-day delivery with La Poste for all operations validated before 2pm
  • Increase the value of your mail with a wide range of options: personalisation, inserts, electronic archiving
  • Navigate and manage your operations with the planning, tracking and management of non-distributed mail
  • Enjoy preferential postage rates with La Poste's "Key Account" from the first mail sent

Maileva's online mail platform frees you from the troubles of printing and managing your mailing!

Discover the electronic registered letter

Our Electronic Registered Letter (ERL) allows you to send registered mail with the same legal value as a traditional registered mail. It's a hybrid solution: the first step is digitalised, then the mail is printed by Maileva and delivered by La Poste.

The advantages of this solution:

  • 24/7 online accessible and secure service
  • Real-time electronic postmark at any time of sending
  • Legal validity with immediate proof of postage and proof of content (probative value archiving included for 3 years with a possiblity to extend to 10 years)
  • With ERL's 'signed for' delivery, you benefit from proof of delivery or reception signed by the recipient or their representative.
  • Option to manage scans of acknowledgement of receipt on a secure interface (for a duration of 3 years). The original paper document is conserved for 10 years
  • Same day La Poste postage when sending before 2pm

Send and track your registered mail safely in no time in your Maileva client space.

How does it work?

This solution is the easiest method to send your same-day single-piece mail in a few clicks, without planning and with no minimum amount. 

The advantages of Maileva for your online mail:

Speed, cost reductions,regulatory compliance and eco-responsible. The advantages of Maileva.

  • Speed

    • Manage your mailings in a few minutes
    • Scheduled sending
    • Real-time La Poste postmark for registered letters
  • Savings

    • Competitive rates according to your chosen subscription
    • Time savings and increased productivity
    • No minimum amount
  • Compliance and security

    • Sites and production servers in France
    • Online tracking
    • Certified retention of archives
    • Numerous certifications ( management system certified ISO 9001:2008, environmental performance certified ISO 14001)
  • Eco-Responsible and inclusive approaches

    • Environmental policy
    • Follows La Poste Group's carbon neutrality policy
    • 95/100 Professional Gender Equality Index (Maileva 2020)
    • Docaposte's Diversity Charter

Maileva's online client area allows you to securely track your sent mail at any moment.

Access your client area

Diverse forms of access

Maileva's online mail services offers a wide range of ways to deposit your mail

  • Online deposit

    All of our solutions are accessible online via a secure login and password, allowing you to follow and manage your operations 24/7:
    • Accessible from the start of your contract
    • Quick realization of your operations
    • Customer Service support
  • Integrated and automated deposit

    Maileva proposes an integration of different methods of access
    • Print management or API for your business software, adaptable to your work processes
    • Automatic management of your sent mail
    • Full API range
    • Support from our technical teams
  • Deposit with the Maileva Office application

    Send your mail with your regular office environment in a few clicks:
    • Quick and automated installation, without additional charges
    • Sending mail from your usual environment
  • Facilydoc deposit

    In a few clicks, process and send your documents:
    • Automated processing
    • Merging, Workflows...

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