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All your customer invoices at a glance: from delivery to tracking

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Simplify and secure the sending of customer invoices

Improve performance with our wide range of services

  • Increased productivity with automatic invoice sending
  • Reduced invoice processing costs
  • Secure and reliable invoicing processes
  • Easy-to-use service with packaged solutions and pathways designed for your business

Compliance schedule

  • From the 1st of September 2026

    • Obligation for all companies to receive e-invoices and an obligation for large and medium-sized companies to issue e-invoices
  • From the 1st of September 2027

    • Obligation for micro-enterprises and SMEs to issue e-invoices

Beyond the regulatory obligation, switching to e-invoicing today presents huge advantages. With Maileva Customer Invoice, the processing and sending of client invoices is simplified and automated, whatever channel you use : paper or digital to a private or state entity ( Chorus Pro in France ) 

A reliable, secure and compliant solution

The Maileva Customer Invoice solution is adapted to all your business needs. You are free to choose how to access the solution: in SaaS mode, VI API, integrated with your business tools, through a virtual printer or with automated sending scenarios.

Docaposte's e-invoicing solution guarantees :

  1. A multi-channel approach: Depending on the receiver the invoices are either sent electronically or as a paper document.
  2. Interoperability management with the state invoicing platform (portail public de facturation / PPF) and other dematerialization operators or partner dematerialization platforms or (OD or PDP) 
  3. E-reporting creation and transmission in the required format, complying to the French Finance Act
  4. Invoice archiving
  5. RGS-compliant (General Security Repository) electronic signature of invoices
  6. Management of invoice distribution and processing status

Discover Maileva Supplier Invoice! Your supplier invoices centralized: validation, payment and accounting.

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