Increasing the value of health and clinical research data

Operate, explore, and analyze your health data, in a secure and sovereign framework

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Increasing the value of health and clinical research data Contact an advisor

Increase the value of health and clinical research data

Sharing of and access to data is at the core of digital transformation, with a potential to create great value for patients and the economy.

AGORiA SANTĒ plays an active part in this dynamic, by offering, via a consortium and its platform, a single solution for the optimization of projects with multiple data sources:

  • Improve the analysis of Real-World Data (RWD)
  • Contribute to the improvement of patient care
  • Bring together operators in the healthcare and data science sectors

They are part of the AGORiA SANTĒ consortium

Olivier Nataf, President of AstraZeneca France

"Health data and artificial intelligence technology have the potential to transform our approach towards the treatments of tomorrow and to demonstrate their clinical, economic and organizational value. We invite all operators in the ecosystem to join AGORiA SANTĒ to contribute together to the competitiveness and attractiveness of France in the domain of data usage for improved management of its citizens' health."

Jean-Yves Robin, President of Impact Healthcare

"Data is the first source of innovation for health in the 21st century and AGORiA SANTĒ must contribute to the development of this key sector for the future of healthcare"

Dr Thierry Marquet, Director of Patient Access to Innovation at Takeda France

“Joining AGORiA SANTĒ illustrates Takeda's commitment to producing quality real-life data at a time when the need to supplement clinical trial data is increasingly crucial. We are, in fact, convinced that real-life data is a major challenge for improving existing solutions and accelerating the provision of new health solutions, meeting the needs of patients, professionals and health authorities, not yet. satisfied. Aware that we cannot solve the challenges of accessing and securing health data alone, we are proud to join AGORiA SANTĒ. »

InAdvans, solutions dedicated to the needs of regulated professions

InAdvans, a Docaposte subsidiary, develops services dedicated to digital strategies for regulated health professions, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and the insurance sector.

The solutions respond to legal requirements and applicable regulations in the scope of digital transformation of professions and/or the development of new services and they allow clients to capture and manage data in a secure way.

The health data repository for your Data strategy

Health data repositories provide secure, centralized and long-term storage of huge amounts of data to :

  • Support clinical research
  • Support innovation and the development of services
  • Facilitate hospital management and the organization of care

Docaposte offers:

  • A turnkey solution for HDS storage
  • Expert and strategic consulting for project scoping
  • Legal advice

On 7 October 2021, the CNIL adopted guidelines for personal data processing to aid the creation of data repositories for use in healthcare (resolution No. 2021-118).

These guidelines are for data controllers who wish to collect data, in the scope of their public interest role, for the purpose of reusing it (purposes mentioned in point 3.1 of the Official Journal).

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