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Faced with the ongoing decline of mail volumes and the digitalization of society, organizations need to respond to these new challenges and be supported with externalizing their flows. Docaposte is a historical player in the publishing market and has comprehensive know-how, from industrial production of documents to their distribution, either physical or digital.

Docaposte reinventing enterprise publishing

Rationalization of costs and better process organisation means more and more businesses are externalizing mail processing. Docaposte offers services combining IT processing, publishing know-how and dematerialization of solutions.

  • Transforming information system data
  • Produce transactional communications
  • Ensure the most appropiate distribution according to recipient (paper or digital) 

Postage is a significant cost for all businesses who have large mail volumes to process, with stamps representing 80% of the cost. Optimization postage costs is therefore key to making savings.

Our savoir-faire at your service

Docaposte provides peace of mind for businesses seeking to externalize the production, enveloping, and postage of documents by providing:

  1. Business and IT skills
  2. A powerful and reactive industrial organization
  3. Economic performance with flow consolidation 
  4. A managed postal offer integrating the new Premium IM (industrial mail) offer from La Poste
  5. Service quality and dedicated customer relations
  6. Extensive, certified and innovative solutions
  7. End-to-end tracking and traceability

Simple document distribution

Whatever your client, employee or partner pathway, we optimize and industrialize your document mailing.

  • All sectors

    • Invoices
    • Payslips
    • Promotional
    • Newsletters
    • Regulatory documents (GTCs, etc.)
    • Tariff changes
    • Voting documents
  • Banking-Insurance

    • Payment schedules - Green Card
    • Bank statements
    • Regulatory information letters
    • Letters of formal notice or termination
    • Loan offers
  • Property

    • Receipts/Reminders
    • Tenant notifications
    • SRS enquiries
    • Notices of AGMs
    • Targeted real estate ads
    • Voting documents
  • Insurance - Health

    • Health insurance cards
    • Medical analysis records
    • Health records
    • Information letters
    • Regulatory
    • Voting documents

Our offer includes

  • Consulting and project management

  • Secure reception and IT processing

  • Postal optimization (sorting/grouping/sub dividing)

  • Dynamic document creation

  • Printing, enveloping and postage with La Poste

  • Physical or digital attachments

  • Tracking and traceability

  • Dedicated customer service

  • Optional multi-channel management

  • Optional archiving with probative value

Our value added services

Our industrial publishing offer is based on a wide range of services.

  • Performance & added value

    • Capacity to process large volumes
    • Retention, grouping and consolidation of flows
    • Additional digital services
    • Complete coverage of the publishing chain
    • Customizable services
    • Postal optimization
    • Multi-channel management
    • Tracking and traceability tools
  • Trusted industrial infrastructure

    • QSE (quality, security, environment) certified production sites
    • State-of-the-art printing and enveloping machines
    • Secure storage in Docaposte's data centers
    • Production integrity from A to Z
    • Management of sensitive data
  • Eco-responsibility

    • Pay-as-you-use
    • Environmentally friendly raw materials (ink, paper from sustainably managed forests)
    • Close management of energy performance at production sites
    • CO2 emissions 100% compensated in the framework of La Poste Group's carbon neutral committment

Frequently asked questions

  • NO. Industrial publishing ensures the large-scale production of documents (invoices, statements, payslips), from printing, enveloping, stamping to sending the documents to a physical and/or digital destination.

    Enterprise publishing is the transformation of data from information systems to produce transactional communications which are then distributed by post or by a digital document.

  • YES, through the use of 2D-DOC , a QR code that embeds data certifying the origins of the document. This technology also secures electronic documents.

  • YES as they carry your business's brand.

    That's why Docaposte offers an extensive range of services:

    • Colour printing without pre-printed paper
    • Easy attachments allowing the addition of documents
    • Transpromo to add a hyperpersonalized message
    • Insertion of a QR code, cross channel communication, to integrate digital content into the mail

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Enterprise publishing in a few figures

  • No.1

    market player

  • 1 in 3

    mails in your mailbox is produced by Docaposte

  • +1.2 billion

    pages printed each year

  • + 330 million

    envelopes each year

  • 2

    production sites in France (Ballainvilliers et Trappes)

  • More than 600

    clients in all sectors

  • More than 250

    employees with 25% being developers and IT engineers

  • 3

    important certifications: ISO 9001. ISO 14001 . OHSAS

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