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Our employee relationship management tools are intended for all HR employees and staff representatives. Such organisation need trustworthy solutions, tailored to their needs, and respecting the confidentiality of each profile. 

Our different employee relationship management modules are available on an à la carte basis. The modules support the management of staff representative relations post- election.

Our commitment towards employee relations management

Many legislators have criticized the reform of labor laws, notably in relation to employee relations.

The most recent laws on the subject (Macron, Rebsamen, El Khomri) offer the opportunity to review in depth the operation and rules of social dialogue with staff representative bodies.

We support you with the simplification of your employee relations management in accordance with norms and legislation. We ensure the security and the reliability of data and exchanges.

Docaposte optimizes employee relations management

Communication, sharing, archiving… With our wide range of tools, we support businesses and organisations with their employee relations management.

  • Election results
  • Union representation
  • Group Committees
  • Collective agreements
  • SED (Social and Economic Database)
  • Paid time off 
  • Plenary voting
  • Communicate the results of your elections and archive the original voting transcripts (Cerfa, etc.) in a simple way.
  • Visualize your staff union representativity in real time.
  • Automatically compose your Group Committee (reserved for companies with more than 5000 employees, subject to legal obligations to form a Group Committee)
  • Archive collective agreements in a few clicks.
  • Increase transparency, complying to regulations, by feeding your SED and making it available to your staff represntative bodies thanks to our different options (standard, premium and customized)
  • Benefit from simple monitoring of paid time off hours.
  • Facilitate plenary voting to elect your staff representative bodies (in person or remotely)

What are the benefits of using our employee relations management modules?

  • Optimize information sharing

  • Monitor exchanges

  • Facilitate collaboration

  • Ensure compliance with constantly changing regulations

  • Optimize information sharing

  • Monitor exchanges

  • Facilitate collaboration

  • Ensure compliance with constantly changing regulations

Added value of our offer

  • Simple installation and easy access: SaaS mode

  • Precise: guarantee of regulatory compliance

  • Transparency: monitoring of paid time off in real time

  • Time saving: dematerialization and automation of processes

  • Improved tracking : centralized information

Discover our employee relations management solutions 

The particularity of employee relations management requires customized solutions:

  • Optimization of Social and Economic Database (SED), at the service of staff representative bodies
  • Monitoring of paid time off hours
  • Organization of plenary voting in the framework of staff representative body elections

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