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The simple signature is the first level of security and is currently the most widespread in usage.

It is not explicitly defined in the eIDAS regulation and corresponds to all signatures that are neither advanced nor qualified.

Why choose the simple signature?

Unlike the advanced and qualified signature, the simple signature is based on a registered identity. In order to strengthen the signature process, elements such as the registered identity, e-mail address and telephone number are used to build a body of evidence.

Docaposte’s signatures, even at a simple level, are secured by an electronic certificate. In fact, the simple signature is used for signing documents that are not very important in terms of possible legal, financial or recourse risks.

The simplicity of implementation has made the simple signature the most widely used signature level today. The user pathway offered to signatories is appreciated for its ease of use.

How does my signatory activate their signature?

As stated, the simple signature does not involve verification of the identity of the signatory. However, Docaposte offers various ways of adding to the body of evidence. Depending on the user procedure you intend to implement, Docaposte offers three possibilities:

  • SMS OTP code: 6-digit code sent to your signatory to the telephone number provided when the document was sent
  • E-mail OTP code: 6-digit code sent to your signatory to the e-mail address provided when the document was sent
  • Handwritten signature: a signature on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), particularly when signing electronically face-to-face

The advantages Docaposte's simple signature

  • Easy to set up

  • Smooth signing process

  • Easy-to-use

  • Audit trail archived for 10 years

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