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Switch to electronic signatures with ease using our easy-to-use and secure turnkey solution

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Sign your PDF documents in just a few clicks

Secure and regulatory compliant, our online signature solution is easy to use and easy to implement.

Our signature pathway is simple:

  • Upload your documents
  • Indicate the recipients and signatories
  • Click on launch

Adapted to small and medium-sized businesses, this solution is also suitable for the complexity of large businesses through management of multiple organisations (groups, departments), application of confidentiality rules and visibility of different signature circuits.

Sign all types of documents remotely

  • HR documents; employment contracts, amendments, engagement letters, internship agreement…
  • Property documents: lease agreements, sales mandates, sales agreements…
  • Administrative and commercial documents: sales contracts, service agreements, partnership agreements, supply contracts, distribution contracts, direct debit mandates

Choose the offer best suited to you

  • PRO

    • Per-user subscription: €15 / month ex tax Cost by circuit: €1.50 ex tax (1Mb storage included*)
    • * €0.30 ex tax for each additional Mb

    • Per-user subscription: €20 / month ex tax Cost by circuit: €1.40 ex tax (1Mb storage included*)
    • * €0.30 ex tax for each additional Mb

    • Per-user subscription: €35 / month ex tax Cost by circuit: €1.30 ex tax (1Mb storage included*)
    • * €0.30 ex tax for each additional Mb

Discover our PREMIUM offer including:

  • All functionalities of the COMPANY offer
  • Advanced settings to limit user access
  • Advanced signatures with signatory identity verification

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Signer En Ligne offer Frequently Asked Questions

  • An electronic signature allows:

    • Guarantee the integrity of an electronic document
    • To identify the author, by analogy with the handwritten signature of a paper document
    • Non-repudiation, the signatory cannot deny having signed the document

    An electronic signature meets the following requirements:

    • Be specific to the signatory
    • Be created by means that the signatory can keep under its exclusive control
    • Guarantee a link with the act to which it is attached
  • To subscribe to Sign Online, just contact our sales team /contact and sign the contract.

    1. Start a new signature circuit
    2. Upload your documents
    3. Define your recipients/signees
    4. Then send
  • With Signer En Ligne, you have the opportunity to go further than signatures when creating your circuits. The Signer En Ligne solution, in addition to signing, allows you to ask recipients to carry out the following actions:

    • Approve
    • Complete
    • Add supporting documents
    • Acknowledge receipt of information
  • The first user created is the administrator. They hold the rights to create and/or delete users. You are therefore completely autonomous in managing users with the solution.

  • With its identity verification service, the 'premium' Signer En Ligne version offers its users the possibility to produce advanced signatures in their signature circuits. This service can be activated when signing up for the solution.

  • Advanced signatures require identity verification from the signee before signing. This is done either face-to-face or remotely with a verification service. Docaposte's pirincipal offer is La Poste's Digital Identity service, the only digital identity service to comply to a substantial level of security, with a value equivalent to a face-to-face check.