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Our experts support you in building your electronic signature pathways 

Developing online signature pathways is a complex project for most businesses: where to start? Which documents to dematerialize? Who will lead the project? How to ensure complete conformity? And above all, which electronic signature provider will you choose?

When choosing Docaposte's customized solution, you benefit from a team of experts and more than 10 years of tested and proven know-how. For engineering or UX/UI, our electronic signature experts are at your service, to build streamlined, ergonomic and sustainable pathways with seamless integration in your information systems 

Our customized offer includes:

  • Scoping with our experts

  • Requirements

  • Encryption

  • Account opening on a test, pre-production and production platform

  • Account and invoice data configuration

  • Commissioning Docaposte's APIs and Trust Solutions

  • Configuration of digital safes for your business with our third-party archiver

  • Development and implementation by our teams

  • Project support

Docaposte today is the only player on the market to offer this electronic signature savoir-faire. Our e-signature offers are supported by a 100% proprietary technology, currently supporting more than 500 clients and partners. 

We have invested in a digital platform, a real technological core allowing us to build, deploy and operate 100% customized projects for our clients in record time, allowing you to benefit from the whole range of features at a reduced cost.

Build your customized project

Implementation is carried out in 6 steps: 

  1. Requirements gathering and drafting the specifications
  2. Project costing
  3. Timatable validation
  4. Development and test phases
  5. Delivery
  6. Your pathways are ready to go!

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Frequently asked questions about the customized signature

  • An electronic signature allows you to :

    • Guarantee the integrity of an electronic document
    • Identify the author, by analogy with the handwritten signature on a paper document
    • Assure non-repudiation, the signee cannot deny having signed the document

    An electronic signature responds to the following demands:

    • Is unique to the signee
    • Is created in a way in which the signee can maintain exclusive control
    • Guarantee a link to the act to which it is attached
  • The quote includes the specifications, unit tests, project management, go live and governance. 

  • This will depend of the complexity of the project. However, the average time for our customized projects is between 2 and 4 months.

  • With Docaposte's APIs, you can electronically sign the following document formats:

    • PAdES : PDF Advanced Electronic Signature 
    1. the norm ETSI TS 102 778 (parts 1 to 5) 
    2. allows you to sign documents in PDF format
    3. and is highly adapted to dematerialization of invoices, orders, etc.
    4. The Reader (usually Abode Reader) includes signature verification (the famous signature panel, accessible on the blue line at the top of a signed PDF)

    • XAdES: XML Advanced Electronic Signature
    1. All XML-DSig (ETSI TS 101 903) norm extensions which make it compatible with advanced electronic signatures
    2. Allows you to sign documents in XML format
    3. The interest of this format is that you can sign parts of the document, without breaking the signature of another part signed by another signee
    4. Widely used by the French administration
    5. It is also used by Microsoft Office (from 2010)

    • CAdES: CMS Advanced Electronic Signature
    1. A range of extensions to the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) signature standard making it compatible with advanced electronic signatures (ETSI TS 101 733)
    2. Allows signing of CMS or S/MIME (e-mails) binary files
    3. Especially adapted to binary content as it does not require transformation (for example: videos, images, programs, etc.)
    4. Presents the benefit of natively managing cosignatures of the same level
  • With our identity verification services, Docaposte offers the possibility to produce advanced signatures in customized signature pathways. These services can be activated at the start of the project.