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Strengthen your signature pathways by opting for advanced signature

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The advanced signature allows you to reinforce your electronic signature processes by adding a signatory identity verification step.

This verification allows our Trusted Service Provider (TSP) to issue a signature certificate to each of your signatories.

Why choose the advanced signature?

Unlike the simple signature, the advanced signature guarantees the identity of your signatories. All these identification elements are stored in the evidence file, which allows you, in the event of a dispute, to produce all the necessary evidence to guarantee the reliability of the signature process.

In fact, the advanced signature is used in the context of signing documents that are highly critical in terms of possible legal, financial or recourse risks.

In addition, there is a legal obligation with regard to the signing of responses to public procurement tenders, which require an advanced electronic signature with a qualified certificate.

Finally, this level of signature is less complex than the qualified signature and a lower cost approach for a robust level of security.

Identity verification tools adapted to your needs

Depending on the signature certificate standard you wish to use in your procedures, Docaposte provides you with a complete range of identity verification methods that you can activate according to your needs:

  • Identity verification and capture: Your signatorycaptures or uploads their identity document and our tool checks the information on the document for consistency with the information entered in the signature pathway.
  • Simple remote verification service: in addition to checking the identity document, your signatory will have to take a selfie with their smartphone in order to carry out a facial comparison as well as a live task (turning the head, saying numbers out loud).
  • La Poste’s Digital Identity service: a universal service, it allows you to identify yourself to over 800 online services. The identity is verified only upon delivery (with the postman, at the post office or remotely), and the holder simply logs on and enters their PIN code to verify their identity. La Poste Digital Identity is certified by ANSSI as being compliant with the ‘substantia’ level, and therefore holds the equivalent of a face-to-face identity check.
  • Certified remote identity verification service: this service includes all the automatic steps and checks of the simple procedure, but is reinforced by checks performed by a human operator.

Benefits of Docaposte's Advanced Signature

  • Flexible identity verification capabilities to suit your needs

  • Smooth user experience

  • Your signatory is identified

  • Nominative signature certificate

  • High level of security

  • Strong audit trail

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