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Simplify your customer journey and accelerate your cash collection with Paynum, the most complete payment platform on the market.

Pay online with complete confidence

To simplify the payment of a basket, an order or an invoice, our Paynum platform accommodates more than 50 payment methods:

  • Online payment
  • Payment card
  • Wallets (Paypal, Paylib, Apple Payé...)
  • SEPA direct debit
  • Payment initiation (DSP2)
  • ...

Our digital payment solution allows you to manage all payment methods with uniform reporting. Collection procedures are automated, thanks to interoperability with invoicing and accounting systems and bank exchange processes.

Paynum allows you to manage all payment flows and accelerate their processing.

Digital payment, how does it work?

The Paynum solution is an all-in-one SaaS solution integrating all payment methods. 

Integrated into your web environment or through a portal, this service is fully customisable. In particular, it allows:

  • Integration into your customer area, your e-commerce site
  • Generation and sending of payment pages
  • One-shot or recurring payments
  • Standard or third-party collection
  • Monitoring of collection from the back office

Collection on behalf of third parties

  • For marketplaces or integrators

  • Easy and automated management of your transactions and commissions

  • Simple creation of sellers and their wallets

  • Compliance and customer identification: KYC (Know Your Customer) KYB (Know Your Business)

  • Daily transfer to your customers

  • No need for distance selling contracts

  • Optimised cash flow thanks to transfer initiation

Our additional services

  • Fight against fraud

  • Digital collection

  • Collection of TIP (Interbank payment orders), coupons, bank and special cheques

  • Fight against fraud

  • Digital collection

  • Collection of TIP (Interbank payment orders), coupons, bank and special cheques

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Key figures for digital payments

  • + 55 million


  • + 2 000


  • + 10 million

    SEPA mandates

  • + 30 million

    electronic signatures

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