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Daily support to faciltiate the digitalization of your HR processes

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We provide you with a SaaS platform for daily support with the digitalization of your HR processes. ROI is usually reached in less than 12 months.

A digital platform responding to HR challenges

Distributing payslips, EDM, optimizing employee pathways or automation of HR processes: Our HR management solutions respond to multiple and specific needs.

  • Payslip distribution

    • Electronic or paper payslips
    • Mass document creation
    • Automatic channel choice
    • Digital channel refusal management (legal obligation)
    • Workflow monitoring console
    • Compatible with French CPA requirements (legal obligation)
    • Delivery to employee digital safe (Digiposte)
    • Double employer
    • Publishing
  • Employee files

    • Dematerialization of employee files
    • Dynamic filing plan (configurable by account)
    • Unitary, mass, or workflow data feeds
    • Distribution of all HR documents
    • Probative value archiving
  • Employee pathways

    • Electronic signatures of work contracts and other documents
    • Document generator (PDF)
    • Automation of onboarding and offboarding processes (workflow management and data collection)
    • Sending documents to employees in digital or paper format
  • Process automation

    • HR processes and questions (automation of all HR processes) with a validation circuit
    • Data collection
    • Employee portal
    • HR requests processed by HR backoffice
    • Supervision of HR teams
    • Response time management
    • Dashboard
    • Knowledge base

The benefits of our digital platform

Simple to use, the Docaposte HR platform allows any company to offer employees dematerialization of their HR documents and offers real advantages to teams:

  • Manage the multi-channel distribution of HR documents, including dematerialized payslips
  • Save time with file administration with dematerialized management
  • Facilitate and centralize department management
  • Guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Increase employee loyalty

With our digital HR platform, benefit from all the advantages of dematerialization, with a business approach.

A dedicated employee space

With the Digiposte digital safe, your employees have access to a dedicated space to store their HR documents.

  1. Offer a secure and durable solution by providing employees with a personal digital safe, accessible for 50 years and on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  2. Increase satisfaction at work: employee demands are facilitated, all documents are dematerialized
  3. Decrease administration time through automatic filing of payslips, the possibility to automate reception of other documents in the safe and with easy document sharing
  4. Facilitate exchanges: your employees can access information more easily and interact with HR staff in their employee space

Our key figures

  • 100%

    of data hosted in La Poste Group's data centers

  • More than 4/5

    rating in app stores for the Digiposte applica

  • 92%

    users are satisfied with the service

  • 20%

    FTE management cost savings

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