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Digital technology driving success

The educational community supports young people during their school and extracurricular time, by offering digital services that are useful on a daily basis to :

  • support the smooth running of schools 
  • bring innovation to learning methods and access to resources 
  • facilitate communication between stakeholders 
  • facilitate the management and tracking of implemented actions 

EdTech companies provide innovative products and services that help educators, learners, and institutions achieve educational success.

Our PRONOTE and ENEJ solutions for the education community

In 2020, Docaposte's acquisition of Index Éducation, the creator of PRONOTE, was a significant step forward. Today, Docaposte is proposing to go a step further and deploy, not a Digital Working Environment (ENT in French ) but a Digital Space for Education and Youth (ENEJ in french). 

Based on PRONOTE, which is already in use in 90% of secondary schools, the Digital Space for Education and Youth supports the State, local authorities and schools in all aspects of their education and youth policies.

  • PRONOTE, the everyday solution that unites the entire educational community

    • EDT/PRONOTE is already used by over 90% of public secondary schools in France, and is a favorite among / is widely appreciated by administrators, teachers, support staff, students and their families. Its rich functionality, constant evolution and SecNumCloud* security guarantee its longevity
    • EDT and PRONOTE already interact with a multitude of selected tools and resources. Security and sovereignty are guaranteed across all services
  • The Digital Space for Education and Youth (ENEJ), more than just an Digital Working Environment (ENT)

    • The ENEJ is a local service centre that complies with the requirements of the Digital Working Environment (ENT) , and is designed to support local authorities in delivering youth policies to the community
    • It is designed to be scalable, to communicate and provide tools and resources useful to the educational/learning community, as well as to co-create new family-oriented services within local government. Within a sovereign framework, PRONOTE is at the heart of the Digital Space for Education and Youth (ENEJ in French) and ensures that functionalities are complementary

Key figures

  • No.1

    school life solution / student life software

  • No.1

    hosting provider for school data / academic data

  • +10,000

    schools using our solutions

  • 90%

    of schools and colleges equipped/ already equipped

  • + 20 million

    connections a day during the school year

  • + 18 million


  • 5th

    favorite app for users aged 16 to 25

  • + 800 000

    college students will use MIA Seconde

  • 2 million

    Youth Pass accounts

3 pillars to respond to your needs

  • School Management

    • Guarantee educational continuity from pre-school to higher education
    • Promote communication with families
    • Streamline the day-to-day management of a school (access, works, canteen, etc.)
  • Learning materials

    • Provide teachers with simple and fun tools
    • Access a wide range of resources, including digital commons
    • Enable personalized pedagogical follow-up of students
  • Youth services

    • Facilitate access to everyday services
    • Promote and offer cultural, sports and leisure services
    • Enhance and energize local youth policy

Our expertise covers all education and youth policy needs

Docaposte guarantees ethical use of data

Docaposte designs, develops, integrates and operates innovative, secure solutions and services that enable the educational community to benefit from responsible, ethical and sovereign digital technology. Docaposte ensures user identification, secure data flows and data processing/hosting. Docaposte's subsidiary Index Éducation, with its ISO 27001-certified data centers in France, is currently in the process of obtaining SecNumCloud qualification for its PRONOTE solution in SaaS mode.

The most comprehensive range of solutions for education

  • Primary

    • Pronote Primary: Student life and pedagogical tracking and monitoring for elementary school
    • Fast Family: Management of school, extracurricular and early years affairs
  • Secondary

    • EDT: Timetables for schools and colleges
    • Pronote: Student life and pedagogical tracking and monitoring for schools and colleges
    • ENEJ: Digital Space for Education and Youth
  • Tertiary

    • Hyperplanning: Timetables and student tracking and monitoring for higher education and professional training

Youth programs 

Docaposte helps you manage your youth policy by facilitating the transition to dematerialization of grants and subsidies for young people (Youth Pass), and by offering mobility grants for young people in your area. 

What's more, we're aware that many pupils, students and families have difficulty finding internships, so we've created "The Internship Platform", customizable to your graphic identity.

  • Simplifies access to first professional experiences by offering a wide range of internships from the public and private sectors in your area
  • Provides a secure internship agreement, establishing a clear framework between the student, the institution and the company
  • Incorporates electronic signatures to guarantee security and speed up the process, while complying with current legal standards

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*Qualification issued by ANSSI (National Information Systems Security Agency) to data hosting and cloud service providers, guaranteeing a high level of security for both operators and customers.