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The number of cyberattacks has been constantly increasing over the last few years, targeting all types of organizations, regardless of size or sector: Very small companies, small and medium sized companies, midcaps, large corporations, local authorities and healthcare organizations are all impacted.

While the digital transformation of private companies and public institutions is a massive driver for the French economic fabric, it also exposes it, by widening the possibility of an attack on information systems.

Numerous risks

  • Data loss and theft

  • Business paralysis and financial losses

  • Legal and regulatory risks

  • Reputation damage

Fortunately, these risks are avoidable and can be prevented by implementing measures that are adapted to your organization.

What is the current state of cyberattacks?

All organizations (private companies, public bodies, local authorities, associations) whatever their size or sector, are affected and therefore vulnerable.

  • Very small companies, small and medium sized companies, midcaps

    • 34% of ransomware cyberattacks were targeted at Very small companies, small and medium sized companies, midcaps in 2023 *
    • The average cost of a cyberattack on a small business is €60K ****
  • Public sector and local authorities

    • 24% of ransomware cyberattacks were targeted at local authorities in 2023 *
    • And yet, 34% of these municipalities have no cybersecurity policy in place **
  • Health

    • 10% of ransomware cyberattacks were targeted at healthcare establishments in 2023 *
    • 63% of organizations report that the cyberattack had an impact on data ***

How do you guarantee your cybersecurity?

To deal with these risks, it's imperative to be aware of the value of your data (and that of your customers, patients and users), the extent of your digital exposure and to identify what is essential to your business.                                                          

Improving your cybersecurity involves 3 main steps:

  • Prepare yourself: Raising user awareness and assessing systems                           
  • Protect yourself: Setting up protection systems adapted to the environment
  • React: Threat detection and recovery plan

Numerous solutions are available to support companies, local authorities or healthcare organizations, ranging from raising awareness to the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

Docaposte's Cybersecurity range

Docaposte, the leader in digital trust and sovereignty in France, has designed a range of solutions covering all areas of cybersecurity, enabling you to protect your business, ensure regulatory protection of sensitive data and achieve NIS2 compliance.

  • The Cybersecurity package

    A packaged solution for complete coverage, drawing on expertise of the best technologies. Our package can be adpated to all organizations, whatever their size or sector of activity.
    • Easy to use, for immediate use
    • A complete and secure technical offer, for total protection
    • A solution tailored to your needs, at a fair price
  • Cybersecurity consulting

    Our experts are here to support you in your larger-scale projects and to help you create a bespoke cybersecurity solution.
    • Diagnostic procedures
    • Risk analysis
    • Part-time / transitional ISSM
    • Integrating security into projects
    • Code audit and qualification
    • Secure architecture

Focus on the scope of the Cybersecurity Package

Our Cybersecurity package is based on expertise of the best technologies, for complete coverage.

Simple, comprehensive and effective, it brings together all the solutions you need to secure your IT systems.

A package adapted to all organizations, with:

  • A fixed price for complete protection
  • Perfect integration into your environment
  • One contract, one invoice, one support team

Why choose Docaposte?

  1. Recognized operator in the digital trust industry (Observatoire ACN Top 7)                  
  2. As the leader of digital trust and soverignty in France, Docaposte extends the same bond of trust in the digital world as La Poste Group does in the physical world
  3. Over 40 years' experience in developing trust solutions with the highest levels of security   
  4. 6500 employees (developers, professional experts, data/AI experts)
  5. More than 60,000 corporate, local authority and civil service clients                         
  6. 4 state-of-the-art data centres operated 100% in-house, in France

Docaposte also supports you with a Cyber backup solution.

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*French national agency for the security of information systems - ANSSI - Cyber Threat Overview 2023

**Cybersecurity - upscaling - Institut Montaigne June 2023                                 

*** Report: https://esante.gouv.fr/strategie-nationale/cybersecurite 2022

**** Asterès France economic study June 2023