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Responding to two essential challenges, backup and cybersecurity, the TankR & TankR Access vaults meet the data security needs of businesses through cyber backups and data recovery in the event of an attack.

A high-performance backup system

The backup system meets the requirements of ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France) regarding offline backup of critical data and applications through the physical isolation of two backup copies in a secure vault, based on "Air-gap" technology, in an automated and human-free manner.

Multiple security measures implemented on the vaults, such as the use of a Honey Pot, anti-brute force protection, and a firewall, enhance its protection against malicious attacks. Additionally, the vaults are continuously supervised and maintained, ensuring faster response time for business continuity.

Discover TankR & TankR Access, our ultra-secure backup solutions

The technology behind our cyber backup solutions ensures flawless security:

  • Network-disconnected backups
  • Incremental backups
  • Intrusion decoy
  • Anti-brute force protection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Automatic machine shutdown in case of a suspected attack

Our solution is available in two products to meet our customers' needs in terms of capacity, volume, and data restoration system.

Our solutions comply with the recommendations of ANSSI*

  1. They ensure a minimum of 3 copies of protected data (primary data and two backups).
  2. Backups are performed on 2 different physical storage devices.
  3. They rely on a system protected against major incidents (theft, fires, floods, etc.).
  4. They perform network-disconnected backups, either in file backup mode or disk image backup mode.

* ANSSI: French National Cybersecurity Agency

Our devices are protected against major physical risks

  • Fire protection

  • Explosion protection

  • Splash protection

  • Radio, Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G suppression

  • Fire protection

  • Explosion protection

  • Splash protection

  • Radio, Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G suppression

Discover our other cybersecurity solution: SnipR cyberscan

  • Knowing your vulnerabilities is the first step to protecting yourself from cyberattacks. Discover our non-intrusive cyberscan solution

    Docaposte cybersecurity solutions

    Benefits of our offers

    • Support

      • Ready-to-use solution accompanied by training on its usage for simple and rapid deployment
      • Fully managed and user-friendly solution that allows you to focus on your core business
      • Advisory services for determining data volume and assessing data criticality
    • Performance

      • Unalterable, automated, and optimized cyber backups that provide peace of mind in managing your operations without the fear of losing everything
      • Data stored in a physically secure vault resistant to major risks (intrusions, fires, thefts, floods...)
    • Reliability and Guarantee

      • LINK-CUT technology: automatic disconnection of disks after backup
      • Efficient data restoration enabling accelerated and simple business continuity
      • Data stored locally, reducing potential access by attackers unlike cloud storage accessible online

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