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Digital transformation and the development of digital tools have changed consumer behaviour and practices. Customer relationship management is at the heart of this change.

The same needs, but with modified usage and behaviour

The fundamental needs of consumers have not changed radically, but the technologies they have at their disposal have changed what customers expect from brands.

The central role played today by smartphones at all times in our lives - both personal and professional - is leading to profound changes in the way we consume information and interact with information networks.

What are customers' main expectations?

  • Simplicity of use, access to services must be easy and intuitive
  • Speed, or even immediacy, in the delivery of services and the handling of complaints
  • Security of exchanges and data, with brands guaranteeing the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of transactions
  • Customization of services and exchange channels, to constantly adapt to the customer context

Docaposte offers a unique and comprehensive service

Our offer allows you to:

  1. Combine advice and support, digital trust and human services
  2. Ease the process of onboarding
  3. Reduce transaction and signature times
  4. Communicate efficiently and adapt your points of contact to demand
  5. Develop new customized services

Benefit from Docaposte's advice and support

Transforming customer relations management requires a thorough analysis of your processes and prioritization of action points

Whatever the development stage of your digital transformation process, our consultants and project managers will assist you every step of the way:

  •  From the diagnosis of the existing situation...
  • ... to the implementation of solutions
  • Through consulting and change management

A team of UX/UI experts can also intervene upstream of projects to imagine new processes, but also to guarantee a simple and smooth experience for each user.

Pre-configured service platforms to meet the need for digitalization and automation of customer pathways

Developed on a solid and proven foundation, these platforms are organized by business line. In particular, they allow us to address the customer onboarding and relationship management processes:

  • Subscription
  • KYC (customer knowledge)
  • Healthcare pathways
  • Loans /Credit application
  • Citizen relations
  • HR processes...

A comprehensive collection of APIs with a support portal also allows you to integrate our solutions into your customer processes yourself: document capture, remote identity control, electronic signature and payment, digital archiving, etc.

Digital transformation means rethinking the management of customer communications within the company. The challenge? Adapting to changes in communication means and meeting the requirements of customer / company and citizen / public service exchanges.

Customer communication becomes an omnichannel experience


  • Engaging
  • Personalized
  • Uninterrupted     


Our solution allows you to design and manage your printed documents, PDFs, emails and landing pages, so you can coordinate your communication and make your digital transformation a reality, without any disruptive effects.

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Putting people at the heart of customer relations with the Customer Care Centre

For Docaposte, the customer experience cannot be exclusively digital. While digital technology accelerates and simplifies it, the human element enriches it and generates trust.

With 30 years of expertise in outsourced back and front office customer relationship management, Docapost has created the Customer Care Center.

Our Customer Care Centre combines a range of human skills and customer relationship expertise. Our teams are located across France, in our production centres, in order to optimize - for example - the processing and management of customer files, or the management of complaints and incidents.

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