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Credit is a driving force for banking activity and a way of attracting new clients. Docaposte offers a range of services to improve client experience and to streamline back-office processing.

Facilitating and optimizing credit management.

Credit solutions throughout the credit granting process

From data collection and Back Office processing up to signing the contract, Docaposte has a wide range of solutions and services to support your credit granting processes: 

  • Collecting documents, document and consistency checks  
  • Financial collection (banking operations and ratio calculation)
  • Business controls with our e-Credit hub
  • Contact management: consultation, identification, electronic subscription

Manage credit risk

Faced with the growth of the B2B credit market, banks and financial establishment need to optimize their processing methods. Docaposte offers a financial analysis and decision-making solution. Objective: manage risks whilst streamlining the credit granting process.

  • Supporting decision making

    • Reliable data for loan approval decisions
    • Know the financial health of the business before granting a line of credit
  • Compliant with prudential standards

    • Monitor credit risk
    • Regularly evaluate the evolution of the financial health of client businesses
    • Regulatory-compliant
  • Adaptability

    • Solutions coherent with your organization
    • Rapid access to information
    • Personalized financial analysis

Facilitate balance sheet management

Amongst other issues in the banking sector are the acquisition of supporting client documents and updating existing data. Docaposte supports establishments via:

  1. Checking collected documents: collection from different sources and checking of imported balance sheets respecting different norms
  2. Business support: supporting decision making by automatic generation of financial analysis, reviews, consolidated reports and financial ratings by a calculation engine according to the client system.
  3. Reliability of IS data: consultation of collected balance sheets by bank employees, to enter and correct balance sheets

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