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With over 20 years experience in the insurance sector (personal and property), Docaposte supports traditional and and health insurance companies, personal insurance providers, and brokers with their digital transformation.

Premium support

Consulting, business consulting, and project management: Docaposte's know-how at the service of your transformation.

Our architecture experts support you in the development of roadmaps, IS urbanization, designing ad hoc systems, SOA architecture and modernizing business processes (BPMN).

  • Consulting: our business experts support you in your transformation to turn regulatory and technical changes into a competitive advantage
  • Business consulting: we have a consulting and facilitator role (definition of needs, requirements, specification), in project management and driving change
  • Project management: we develop applications and complex information systems: design, development, methodology coaching, software craftmanship, DevOps

Supporting your business transformation

Docaposte is a local partner providing support to traditional and health insurers and personal insurance providers with their business transformation business operations outsourcing.

  1. Life insurance & savings: we act on single and multi-fund UC/EURO contracts, managing topics related to individual and collective savings, and ensuring compliance for all regulatory aspects
  2. Health and life insurance: we respond to IS challenges on regulatory compliance and on future-proofing with our business expertise throughout the insurance value chain.
  3. P&C: we manage projects for damages and losses (fires, accidents, diverse risks) and projects related to car insurance and multi-risk home insurance
  4. Credit insurance: we act on different projects related to credit insurance: Risk, Compliance, IFRS, centralizing financial information, infra-annual cancellation

A range of services to support you

Insurers are today confronted with issues linked to correct usage of Data and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes and to increase the value of solutions.

  • Data intelligence

    • To operate available data repositories
    • Facilitate analysis and preparation of data for consistent, quicker and more relevant decision making
    • Improve understanding, analysis, and sharing of this data by all
  • Data management

    • Support with transformation
    • Implementation of strategies to increase data value
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

    • From the construction of an automation roadmap (AI, RPA) to the implementation of competence centres
    • Creation and maintenance of virtual agents in collaboration with expert teams in
  • Datascience, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

    • Implement conversational agents (chatbots, voicebots)
    • Propose automatic understanding of complex documents
    • Facilitate analysis of client conversations (regulatory issues, compliance, managing client relations) using NLP (natural language processing)

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