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In September 2018, the French President launched the "My Health 2022" strategy in order to provide an overview of and comprehensive answers to the challenges that the French healthcare system is facing.

Its digital component aims to generalise the secure sharing of health data between professionals and patients. In the roadmap "Accelerating the digital revolution", the Digital Healthcare authority based its action around 5 pillars, including:

  • The launch of core digital services
  • The launch of a national digital heathcare platform

The program "Ségur Digital Health" supports operators with modernizing software for all professionals and health-related establishments.

Docaposte supports you with regulatory challenges in Digital Health and the acceleration of digital transition with:

  • Software solutions, provided by its subsidiary icanopée, to facilitate the integration of services and core referential data in business applications: Shared Medical Record, Pharmaceutical Record, Secured Health Messaging Service, National Health Identity.
  • An industrial platform to orchestrate services, offered in SaaS mode, which include digital trust solutions

These solutions can secure the exchange and sharing of health data, facilitating the daily work of operators in the health sector by streamlining their care pathways.

Supporting you at each step of Telemedicine

Experience : The challenge of Shared Medical Record consultation in the field

Icanopée is the leader in health data consultation

  • Defining your "core services" strategy
  • Integrating software components
  • Certifying your solutions
  • Government funding programmes
  • Meeting target usage goals
  • Developing new industrial applications

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Digitalizing the healthcare sector requires a transformation of information systems and the creation of personalized digital care pathways.

  • Interoperable e-health software solutions

    icanopée's expertise, leader of health data consultation and Docaposte company:
    • Guarantee a technical foundation compliant to digital healthcare requirements
    • Facilitate the integration of core services and repositories to healthcare information systems (shared medical records, national health identity, etc)
    • Support consultation of national repositories (Shared medical record, pharmaceutical record) from healthcare applications
  • A service orchestration platform

    • HDS hosting
    • Integrating Docaposte's trust solutions in healthcare processes
    • Orchestrating incoming, outgoing, and internal flows
    • Creating customized digital pathways

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